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For Honor

Just added!


People play this with mouse and keyboard? Game is clearly made for controller :D 

(in advance, sorry for my english)

Much more comfortable with mouse/keyboard. Didn't need to remove my thumb from right analog for peforming guard break and other stuff buttons do. My friend suggested to use my index finger for button pressing and use my middle and ring finger for Rshoulder and Rtrigger... We're not friends anymore :-(

Seriously tho, I have logitech F710... perfect for dark souls and dragon'sdogma but this game... mouse and keyboard allow you to react quicker (your don't need to remove you fingers from buttons (well, almost, but in the times u do, you don't need the buttons you removed them from)) What I did (open beta):

1.  Tryed f710 and then keyboard... trowed away f710.
2.  V-synch off.     Sampling: FXAA or off (it was adding mouse input delay in bf 4, I turn it off in games since that, tho it's probably was unique frostbite fault)
3. "Mouse sensetivity in block mode" - 20 (MAX). I'm not shure how was it called, I didn't had english text.

4. Setted my key mapping to this
5. worked on my muscule memory for hours (was a weekend).

6. Open beta ended. bought the game :-)

Mar 02 2017 03:18 PM

Hi .... if there is any config to enter the sensitivity as decimals ... and is the block mode sense same as the default or ?