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Far Cry New Dawn

Hipfire and zoom sensitivity added.

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The latest Metro game is in!

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Added hipfire and ADS sensitivity.

Apex Legends

Updated with holo sight, 6x and 10x scope.

Bright Memory

This game has some acceleration and no sensitivity value, check the notes for instructions.

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  1. Today
  2. Hi! I just bought premium as i wanted to convert my sensitivity from cod4 to other games. The problem is that i’m used to play cod4 on promod, so my game sens is not only affected by cg_fov but also from cg_fovscale which is set to 1.125 on promod. so my questions are: - How do i calculate my actual cod4 promod fov? - From what i understand i should leave the fov type to default and not swtiching it to match my aspect ratio, am i correct? - From my reasarch cod4 ads sens is affected by the gun and fov and it s not 1:1 with hipfire sensitivty, am i correct? thanks in advance, cheers from Italy!
  3. Mrl1717

    Apex Legends

    @DPI WizardAm I doing this right? Trying to convert Shroud’s sensitivity over to a 3440x1440 34” monitor. His cm/360 are ~34 whereas mine would be ~25. Would this give me the same feeling sensitivity wise or should I use 360 distance to get a closer feel? I realize this is probably due to aspect ratio and FOV. thanks
  4. Yesterday
  5. Laki

    Red Crucible 2: Reborn

    Hi, is in red crucible 2 reborn same sensitivity as original red crucible 2?
  6. ballin4life

    Apex Legends

    I've been searching around trying to figure out how to get the correct ADS sensitivity. I use zoomsensitivity 1 in quake live which (based on my testing) seems to mean that your 360 degree sens is multiplied by the ratio of your zoom FOV to normal FOV. So if your normal FOV is 90 and your zoom FOV is 45, you would have to move your mouse twice as far for a 360 when zoomed. Is it even possible to get this behavior in Apex? Different guns have different FOV when ADSing, and obviously different sights change the FOV as well. I've been trying to find info on this but it seems like every reddit post gives different information. I'm also not sure how the above would translate to concepts like monitor match etc on the calculator.
  7. DPI Wizard

    Windows Viewspeed Conversion Bug?

    This might be a bug indeed, it seems to be about twice what it should be. I'll take a closer look!
  8. When converting from Windows/Desktop to games using Viewspeed Horizontal, the converted sensitivity for scopes using the ALL setting is way too high and out of range in a lot of games. Converting hipfire first then using that result to do scopes however, gives the correct value. This happens with every game I've tested so far. (CSGO, Apex and BFV) This isn't exactly a major problem, but thought I'd report it just in case someone was unaware.
  9. ZeroN2K

    Apex Legends

    yeah thats what i want. thanks
  10. DPI Wizard

    Apex Legends

    If your goal is to have the same 360 distance with Holo in Apex as in hipfire in CSGO, you're doing it correctly.
  11. DPI Wizard


    Setting GstInput.MouseSensitivity to 1 in the beta solved some acceleration issues when in 1st person, but didn't have any effect on the Javelin. For the release version 1st person is fixed and doesn't have acceleration anymore, but the Javelin is the same. I just realized they completely broke the scaling for GstInput.MouseSensitivity in the release though, so I removed it from the calculation and added a note saying it has to be set to 40 for the calculation to be correct. Using 40 doesn't come with any limitations though, so it should work for everyone. In the beta it was a pure multiplier, but it doesn't scale in a mathematically sensible way anymore.
  12. DPI Wizard

    Far Cry New Dawn

    It might be in some cases, try to set all these values to 0 in the config file: UseMouseSmooth Smoothness Smoothness_Ironsight MouseAcceleration MouseAccelerationOn
  13. DPI Wizard

    Bugs help me !!!!!

    Can you post a screenshot?
  14. Hello i've got a problem i can't convert my sensitivity from minecraft to apex i just don't know what happend the case where it should show the convert apex sensi is vanish
  15. ZeroN2K

    Apex Legends

    Hey im confused on a big basis. As i searched through the whole thread and tried to learn how to calculate correct for hours i willing to ask for help. My english is not the best i think thats the whole reason why i cant understand everything. I tried to recalculate black ops 4(mainly tried to find my correct sense there) to apex but gave up on that so i used my old csgo sens(as black ops was based on that) i want that my 1x scopes have the same Sensitivity as hipfire on counter strike: (im using FOV 87 as i want to a 104 FOV on apex and cl_fovScale "1.252273" * 70 are nearly 87 correct?) hope someone can help me i really just want to train but i hate to play on a wrong sens(as my memory muscle cant learn like that) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Hipfire Sensitivity 1: sensitivity "2.5" 360° distance: 6.5455 inches Config FOV: fov_cs_debug 90 Actual VFOV: 73.74 degrees Actual HFOV: 106.26 degrees Apex Legends - Holo Sensitivity 1: mouse_sensitivity "2.5" Multiplier 1: mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_0 "1.246339" 360° distance: 6.5455 inches Discrepancy: 0% (0 inches) Config FOV: Field of View 87 Actual VFOV: 59.46 degrees Actual HFOV: 90.86 degrees
  16. a708897553

    Apex Legends

    I change hipfire cl_fovScale 0.791613 SO ADS fov Will it be affected? Hope to be answered Thank!
  17. noaimBoii

    Far Cry New Dawn

    is there mouse acceleration in this game?
  18. Hey guys ;), I need help with converting my Fortnite FOV to Apex Legends FOV. In the attachment you can see what I tried - I would like to know if that is correct. So Fortnite got a 80.59 Horizontal Degree FOV for a 16:9 aspect ratio on 1900x1080 - calculator it says the config FOV is 80. I put in 80.59 Horizontal Degree FOV with 16:9 and 1900x1080 in the Apex Legends Calculator - suddenly calculator says the config FOV is 64.91. So I assumed that "Config FOV" means "FOV Game Slider" in Apex Legends - is that correct? - as the minimum FOV in Apex Legends is 70 that's probably the best I can get right? kind regards
  19. Bunnikinz


    @DPI Wizard I found this on reddit. Maybe we were looking at the calculations wrong? What do you think? https://www.reddit.com/r/AnthemTheGame/comments/ak8h8x/no_spoilers_how_to_disable_mouse_acceleration/
  20. Last week
  21. hmm ok, maybe someone can give me the setiings what i should do because if i convert it to 133% coefficient all my zoom levels are different
  22. Quackerjack

    Please advice scope sense awp csgo to bf1

    thats the point with the 0% MM match. I would advice u to use the default 1.33 or here 75% MM. It was not for nothing that the coeffizent 1.33 was chosen
  23. DPI Wizard

    Saved inputs deleted?

    The saved inputs are only stored on the server and not in cookies. But the reason you don't see them is because your subscription expired. I see Paypal might be out of sync, so I'll extend your membership and see if it re-syncs.
  24. After i ran a spyware removal program which also removes cookies etc. i can't see my saved inputs anymore?
  25. marmanoff


    My monitor resolution is 1920x1080, but in CSGO I Use 1280x960 so thats what I want to warmup with in OSU. I can change my monitor resolution to 1280x960 to get the stretched osu window but I want to know how to get the exact same sens in OSU as in CSGO. Osu is not a 3d game so I dont know how to calculate this could you show me using an image?
  26. My conversion from csgo to bf1 is superb however I think it need some tweaks. I play in csgo with awp always in first zoom (0.81) never touch the second but with the conversion l made its extremely difficult to play In bf1 with zoom levels higher then 4.00x and use your sniper for close action. I play with horizontal 0% and coefficient set to 0% with USA on, same fov both 90 All my sense levels in bf1 are 100% so USA can do its work. So technically my muscle memory stays in all zoom stages but you are bound to use only higher zooms with enemies further away, up close its horrible slow.. how can I change that without losing Muscle memory?
  27. DPI Wizard


    Confirmed, sensitivity is now 1:1 for the X and Y axis.
  28. Insight_BF

    Apex Legends

    Thanks for clarifying, so i'll have setup my fov to 102.3127 in the calculator and try again. Anyway yeah now that's clear, Initially I used ADS for the calculations and i was feeling really weird with my aim.
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