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  1. brunosuzano

    Fortnite True FOV

    How does camera offset work?
  2. When I use the calculator for Fortnite sensitivity, I'm able to select the "Location: In-game" but the "Location: game files" is no longer available. Why is this so? Thank you.
  3. brunosuzano

    Viewspeed v1 VS v2

    I see. I appreciate it, thanks!
  4. brunosuzano

    Viewspeed v1 VS v2

    What do you mean when you say Viewspeed (v1) is aspect ratio dependent. Could you give me an example just to help clarify it?
  5. brunosuzano

    Viewspeed v1 VS v2

    What is the difference between Viewspeed v1 and v2?
  6. brunosuzano


    Nevermind, I figured it out. ^^ Thanks!
  7. brunosuzano

    Close please

    Close please
  8. brunosuzano


    How do you measure those values?
  9. brunosuzano


    Hey guys, I'm trying to use the formula ((sin(VFOVold / 2) * VFOVnew^2) / (sin(VFOVnew/ 2) * VFOVold^2)) * ((DPIold * m_yawold * sensitivityold) / (DPInew * m_yawnew)) = sensitivitynew, where 'old' indicates values for the game I'm trying to convert from and 'new' for the game I'm trying to convert to. So if I'd want to translate my Overwatch sensitivity into CS:GO, when my DPI remains at 800 for both games and Overwatch sensitivity is 3.5, it would be ((sin(103 / 2) * (106.26^2) / (sin(106.26 / 2) * 103^2)) * ((800 * 0.0066 * 3.5) / (800 * 0.022)) = 1.093224706... I cross-referenced this with the calculator, but although it is giving me strikingly similar results all accross the board, there are some significant discrepancies. To give you an example of this I'll post below the original Overwatch sensitivity, then the converted value using the formula, and then the converted value using the calculator, in the format "Overwatch sensitivity | Formula conversion | Calculator conversion". 3.36 | 1.049495718 | 1.049498 3.5 | 1.093224706 | 1.093227 3.59 | 1.121336198 | 1.121339 7.81 | 2.439452844 | 2.439459 As you can see, the values are exactly the same up to the 5th decimal house, after which they become drastically different (not a rounding!). The same effect happens with other games. Why is this happening? Have I missed something?