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  1. TheNoobPolice

    Game requests

    It does indeed use 0% monitor distance at default 1.0 for ADS as was reported earlier.
  2. TheNoobPolice

    Apex Legends

    @DPI Wizard You can actually enter two decimal places in the sens box by double clicking and typing in-game, so can get slightly better discrepancy than the calculator currently shows I think? Might be worth checking...
  3. TheNoobPolice

    Game requests

    I'm guessing it will be the same as Titanfall 2. Would be handy if it is.
  4. TheNoobPolice

    Battlefield V

    Thank you!
  5. TheNoobPolice

    Battlefield V

    Small request for the purposes of accuracy. @DPI Wizard The 1x scope (such as nydar sight) when FOV scaled is ON, is not actually the same FOV as hipfire anymore like it was in BF1. There is a very slight zoom which would technically throw off the calculations if someone matched from it to another game. At the moment the calculator shows it as having the same FOV. It's a tiny detail, but if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.
  6. TheNoobPolice

    Battlefield V

    They also reverted USA back to 133% which makes more sense, so the default "sensitiivty 2" value in in the calculator might trip a few people up so best to change it to 1.33 again.
  7. TheNoobPolice

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Perfect! Thank you :)
  8. TheNoobPolice

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Doesn't seem to work for the aim? i.e the FOV doesn't adjust in the calculator for the zoomed FOV. Is it possible to add this?
  9. TheNoobPolice

    Battlefield V

    The default value for the USA coefficient in the menu has been changed to 100% vs 133% of vertical FOV it used to be. I'm assuming they have actually changed it, it rather than just "renamed" 133%? i.e Are scopes that change FOV still synced to 16:9 horizontal monitor distance of 75% by default?
  10. I think there's a lot of placebo here. The truth is that it's impossible to match the feeling of two different FOV's. Perfect does not, and cannot, exist here. Any point on the screen that is matched between two FOV's, means that all other points on the screen are, as defined by the laws of physics, NOT matched. Anyone's opinion when they test is always coloured by the movements they happen to make on screen when they test each one, i.e which points of the screen they happen to aim to, and which points of the screen they are thinking of in their brain at that exact moment when they move the mouse. So basically, you should pick a monitor distance that synchronises that point on the screen in which you aim to the most (approximately of course) and it will likely give you the best results for the games that you play.
  11. TheNoobPolice

    Universal Soldier Aiming - Battlefield 1

    Sorry to be pedantic, but it's "uniform" solider aiming
  12. TheNoobPolice

    Should I be using Viewspeed for all my games?

    Half right. If you play game A with a hipfire FOV of Hor+ 110, but Game B only has a max possible hipfire FOV of Hor+ 90, the hipfire sensitivity will feel faster in game B if you match the 360 distance. You can either set the exact same FOV and use 360 distance between games, or use Viewspeed or a Monitor Distance percentage.. Turn rate is NOT sensitivity, at least as far as aiming / muscle memory is concerned.
  13. TheNoobPolice

    Should I be using Viewspeed for all my games?

    It should probably be clarified that you can only use 360 distance to match between games's hipfire when they can be set to use the exact same FOV, otherwise it's a different effective "sensitivity" of course.
  14. TheNoobPolice

    Can't find GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity#x## BF1

    C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\Battlefield 1\settings\profsave_profile_synced (open with notepad etc)