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  1. It is, but I also shared the issue with the flick shot delay because otherwise we might change nothing by just complaining
  2. You should reach out to the official EA forum with this so that they can read it somewhere.
  3. After getting used to the recoil I can say that strafing on close targets feels totaly weird. And there is a click delay if you fired before the gun was ready waht makes single shots just feel terrible.
  4. I also have big issues keeping consistent when firing ADS. Just feels off.
  5. The aim feels completely off for me and I believe I set everything right. Anyone has a similar experience? EDIT: Just read that the scope values have different FOVs
  6. Changing FOV doesn't affect the sensitivities what it rather unusual. (Viewspeed Vertidcal) - EDIT: My mistake, was in Third person changing First person. It says to set "vertical sensitivity ratio" to 1 but I read online multiple times that 100 is correct. 15x scope is missing.
  7. I believe they made some updates. Some things in the calculator don't make sense anymore.
  8. Cuisine Royale is f2p on steam for this week.
  9. https://ibb.co/hrjqBT
  10. Yes. I get " Sensitivity 1: Enter sensitivity 1 (MouseLookScaler=[0.001-0.2])" even if I enter the right value. 1000 DPI Sensitivity 0.015953 FOV 10
  11. I mean, can't get a result from the calculator.
  12. The config file settings for ADS do not work for me.
  13. Feels actually very weird when shooting.
  14. PUBG mobile with the official tencent emulator would be fun to see http://syzs.qq.com/en/
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