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  1. Mixthat

    Ring of Elysium

    Changing FOV doesn't affect the sensitivities what it rather unusual. (Viewspeed Vertidcal) - EDIT: My mistake, was in Third person changing First person. It says to set "vertical sensitivity ratio" to 1 but I read online multiple times that 100 is correct. 15x scope is missing.
  2. Mixthat

    Ring of Elysium

    I believe they made some updates. Some things in the calculator don't make sense anymore.
  3. Mixthat

    Game requests

    Cuisine Royale is f2p on steam for this week.
  4. Mixthat


  5. Mixthat


  6. Mixthat


    Yes. I get " Sensitivity 1: Enter sensitivity 1 (MouseLookScaler=[0.001-0.2])" even if I enter the right value. 1000 DPI Sensitivity 0.015953 FOV 10
  7. Mixthat


    I mean, can't get a result from the calculator.
  8. Mixthat


    The config file settings for ADS do not work for me.
  9. Mixthat

    Game requests

    Feels actually very weird when shooting.
  10. Mixthat

    Game requests

    PUBG mobile with the official tencent emulator would be fun to see http://syzs.qq.com/en/
  11. Mixthat

    Game requests

    WARHAMMER: VERMINTIDE 2 just got in beta.
  12. Mixthat

    Hunt: Showdown

    Great, Thank you.
  13. Mixthat

    Game requests

    Hunt Showdown, might become pretty popular the next months either way.
  14. Mixthat

    Dirty Bomb

    DPI Wizart, could you check Dirty Bomb again when you have time? I'm sure they changed their settings long ago and allow also to set scoped sens ingame.
  15. Mixthat


    Don't expect changes in the FOV any soon. The moment you post a complain or idea you get downvoted to the ground. Actually widecreen has a higher FOV than the normal 16:9 but people are still stupid, don't know that or don't want to know. They should allow a slider which allows the same FOV like widescreen but noooo, fanboys gonna protest just because they can.