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  1. Skidushe

    sniper elite 4 reduce mouse lag

    I'll tell you it's worth it, 1440p 144Hz Gsync for games is glorious
  2. Skidushe

    Question about the 0% monitor match.

    1 thread, 3 posts, 0% answers ;)
  3. Skidushe

    Mouse Sensor Accuracy Test #1 (G900 vs EC2-A vs PM3360)

    third-ed, I have the hero sensor in mine, would love to see how well it performs with science! 😛
  4. Skidushe

    sniper elite 4 reduce mouse lag

    This is called frame buffering from what I gather. It aims to stop stuttering and repeated frames by working in the past and showing you what it knows it's already rendered and not be scared that the next frame won't be ready. This adds latency as you're running a few frames behind, so it's not just the mouse that's behind, it's everything being shown on your monitor. For competitive games you're much better of having it off, reduces latency. For non-competitive games, it might give you a smoother experience which you might find more enjoyable, but even then for me I'd still prefer the lowest input lag, regardless of possible tearing. The effect does reduce with higher refresh rate monitors too. You can see what it does here, explains it much better than I can in words:
  5. Skidushe

    Question about the 0% monitor match.

    I think this may be born out of a comment I made in my guide. The 'ring' isn't strictly true, and I do mention this in a spoiler but it's a good analogy for what it's doing if you ignore some weird affect of moving around a 3d sphere with a 2d mouse pad which sounds stupid but works for lower FOVs as way of thinking about it. You can see this, go into a game, look up to the top, then look down a bit. Move your mouse as perfect a diagonal you can on the pad and you'll see your crosshair curl up to the pole of the 'ball' which is your view. The ring you've drawn if you take my representation (which is still strictly wrong yes) is about 25% monitor distance matching, if you were to aim to a point on that 'ring' on your screen in one movement, it would be the same movement across all FOV's on your monitor *When you aim vertically or horizontally from the equator of the ball 0% takes the focal length scaling as Skwuruhl said, but I think though they do the same thing it's easier to take the calculus approach, smaller and smaller rings, to see what it gives you. Imagine a ring smaller than what you've drawn, then smaller again, then again and you'll end up with a ring underneath your crosshair, taking the analogy your 'one movement' to get onto the ring is now infinitely small, and you're always on the ring, so however you aim, you're always aiming with perfect muscle memory at the crosshair in small motions. It changes from the matching flicks mentality (match distance) to matching moving around on your screen. Imagine painting on a piece of paper from far away, then you move your head towards your brush so you can get some fine detail in. To your eyes you need to scale your input to make it so your movements match the original movements physically, so say you zoom in 2x, to do some fine work, you now half your movements to your eyes to keep everything the same on the paper but you can now see much better and be more precise at 'moving'. Note not jumping around the page as is analogous to distance matching, but moving the brush. Hopefully you can see how this is analogous to a sniper scope
  6. Skidushe

    osu! conversion inconsistency

    You've converted PUBG -> CS:GO with 360 distance, and then I couldn't work out how you got your osu figures but because it must be based not off of a 360 distance measurement it would be a FOV dependent measurement i.e. viewspeed, monitor distance match which are dependent on the FOV you had in the original games so you will get different values for osu. If you wanted consistency, you need to choose an FOV dependent conversion from pubg -> cs:go and pubg -> osu
  7. If he wins somethings gone wrongggg!
  8. Skidushe


    post some screenshots of what you're doing in the calculator including the top bit with the 4 drop down menus and hopefully we can help!
  9. I'd say 0% MM. If the FOV's are close enough your general spacial awareness for 180's etc... will be close enough I'd rather have the aim benefits from 0% at the crosshair
  10. No this doesn't work. This can easily be disproven by counter example. If we took CS:GO hipfire-> PUBG hipfire if we used viewspeed with my settings you'd get a sensitivity of 0.005019, which lines up with MDH (16:9) 74% if we took CS:GO hipfire -> PUBG 6x if we used viewspeed with my settings you'd get a sensitivity of 0.004405, which lines up with MDH (16:9) 71% So rather than following this ratio you suggest, viewspeed just floats around ~70% MDH horizontal 16:9 at these settings as a simple explaination
  11. Skidushe

    What mouse grip am I using?

    Ah I didn't see you also had your palm in contact a little. I have mine floating, so I guess I am a fingertip grip. Solving many peoples problems 😂