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  1. It's what I tried to get across in my guide, but it ended up being a bit sprawled. I think an index may help, but I don't think I can link to a point inside the article. In retrospect, I should've made each section a reply as you can link those, but too late. I've tried to hide technical explanations under those lovely hidden things but I'm not sure how much of what's there at the minute people care about. I'm happy to add more to the keywords section at the top but from where it is now I think it just gets overly technical for what I'm trying to get across. I think the idea of a wiki or something of the sort is a good idea but I don't think it should be a separate entity from the community website as it can only really exist in isolation as all the terms are already defined in some other normal wiki page, they're just hard to find.
  2. Skidushe

    Which option should I choose?

    basically 0% monitor distance match unless you strictly prefer something else even after trying to adjust to it
  3. Skidushe

    Transfer pubg sens to windows/desktop

    If you've used 0% monitor match, then it's the right values. It just actually is that slow, and correct at the centre of your screen imagine your desktop was a 3D game, and you'll feel like it does sorta match up. I play 40cm/360 and got used to it, but that is really slow for you. It's up to you whether you go for it. If you want to try it but up your dpi so you can be more precise, set your WPS to 3/11 and you can then use a DPI of 1120. And you can also convert from desktop -> all other games at 0% If you wanted it to be faster, you could convert with viewspeed, but then you can't convert back to other games directly
  4. Skidushe

    Windows / Desktop

    Look at the section at the bottom of the FAQ You could try use viewspeed if you want it to be quicker, but then you can't use that to convert back into other games
  5. Skidushe

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    Yes, your 360 distances will be different for games with different FOV, the more different the FOV, the more different the 360 distance. Try match them up if possible, but if not, it's still got all the benefits of 0% anyway
  6. Skidushe

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    Yes, they will obtain the right values, and for these calculations, monitor distance vertical 0% = monitor distance horizontal 0%
  7. You should be getting a value of 1.283322 which comes from the bottom formula, modified for the fact that CS clamps the FOV at 4:3: 1.283322 = 1.3 * (90/83) * (arctan(0.5625 * 16/9 * 3/4 * tan(83*pi/360))/arctan(0.5625 * 16/9 * 3/4 * tan(90*pi/360)))
  8. Skidushe

    Swiftpoint Z Mouse

    I can the issue is cos my hands are so big I have to put such a curve on my fingers it's uncomfortable and I've gotten so used to aiming with my fingertips wrist and arm I wouldn't want to go back
  9. Skidushe

    Swiftpoint Z Mouse

    I can't palm or claw most mouses, I have a 10" hand. Currently sat with a Razer mamba TE from like 4 years ago. If I palm I can get my first knuckle over the edge of the mouse lmao
  10. Skidushe

    Swiftpoint Z Mouse

    Looks like hell for my fingertip grip
  11. Skidushe

    is my sens 3.317850 or 3.32

    The UI RENDERER Rounds it, if you type in sensitivity in console it shows you your full unrounded sensitivity
  12. The argument they're making is that 1. you're effectively using 0% monitor match, by matching at the pixel next to your crosshair, you're having a monitor distance match percentage of 1/n - 1/2n = 1/2n Where n is the number of pixels from the centre to the edge. This leads to 1/(no. of pixels along edge) for vertical on a 1920x1080 monitor that's 1/1080 = 0.0925...% monitor distance match and for horizontal or a 1920x1080 monitor that's 1/1920 = 0.0521...% monitor distance match In terms of the calculator, these both effectively = 0% in fact I wouldn't be surprised at this level if it even rounded them to 0% Any why have this variation in mm% across different resolutions when you could just use a set monitor distance match? The argument they're making about why they think this is pointless is because everything in the game works on the angle of you have in the game world, not what you see on screen. So theoretically you could move your mouse such that the screen doesn't change, but you've moved in the world just not enough to register it on your screen, and this theoretically could be the difference between hitting a head shot and not. Imagine you have a player so far away his head is aliased out of existence, most people won't hit this shot anyway, but if we think theoretically, it would be impossible for you to hit the shot and someone with a lower sensitivity who skips less angles could as they could in effect aim between the pixels. This makes the overall experience feel smoother too. Plus, with a higher DPI and lower sensitivity, the exact same thing will happen, after n counts, our screen will move one pixel just as yours does in one count. But if it's what you're comfortable with and you're not going to give up then stick with it
  13. What DPI do you play at?
  14. I don't know what you mean. I tried to follow your logic but gave up. What is R? I assumed radius, but then there's 3? What do you mean combined? Are you looking for a mathematical work-through of how the formula was founded?
  15. What use does this have to you if not an upper bound on sensitivity since it's dependent on resolution? And why do you choose to call it a 'middleman calculation' ?