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  1. Skidushe

    Monster Hunter: World

    I see which you mean now, you might want to make it clear that it's under controls not camera, they have two settings with different types that sound like what you put.
  2. Skidushe

    Monster Hunter: World

    MouseBaseSpeed= 0.1 -> 2.0 Range
  3. Skidushe

    Monster Hunter: World

    Have you found anything on not making the mouse feel like shit? I've noticed the basemousespeed in the config file which sets the deadzone, you want this as high as possible. And you want the in game mouse speed as high as possible for max turning velocity. Oddly, this means you want the lowest DPI possible to make it controllable
  4. Skidushe

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    I've added in a section with some lovely pictures that hopefully convey the fact that your mind is interpolating the points around your mm% and why low mm% is better for control at the crosshair under the 'best mm%' section
  5. Horizontal or Vertical 0% monitor match should give you the same numbers
  6. Skidushe

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    Because the FOV's are close together you can use any conversion method with nearly any parameters and it will produce the same sensitivity values. Especially in your case when they're ± less than a degree. 360 will give you the right numbers, and the difference will be imperceivable from other methods, that said it's still good to be consistant with your conversion method. There could be cases where HFOV is close and VFOV is off, but this is when you'd have a vertical monitor setup and the games were set to change the vertical FOV, but this never happens because no-one does this so no-one codes it. So basically no 😛
  7. Skidushe

    formula for error when away from mm %

    Brilliant, so I can just use the calculated sensitivities. I've got a project that should show why low mm %ages are better as you approach 0% but I needed this deviation, thanks
  8. Skidushe

    formula for error when away from mm %

    is that calculation not the same as just doing: CountsPer360FirstMatch / CountsPer360DeviatedMatch Or even SensFirstMatch / SensDeviatedMatch
  9. https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/forum/topic/4704-conversion-method-guide-and-other-faqs/ Look at the how to use the calculator drop down, and read the information or tldr if you don't care
  10. Skidushe

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    I've added a section with a diagram on how to use the calculator, and some notes about it. Hopefully this will help people and get even more confused what's happening with the simple mode
  11. https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/forum/topic/4704-conversion-method-guide-and-other-faqs/
  12. Skidushe

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    I'll go through and add what I can in, and put the rest at the bottom sorted out
  13. Skidushe

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Should I trust the lastContertedSensitivity values generated from putting the in game sensitivities in, or the lastContertedSensitivity values generated by the calculator more? They always seem to be ever so slightly different?
  14. Skidushe

    Multi-calculations are here!

    Would it be possible to add an option like this? https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/forum/topic/4398-averaged-aim-fovs/
  15. Skidushe

    Conversion method guide. (and other FAQ's)

    Does the 'ring' approximate a circle when your crosshair is on the equator, just for the sake of explaination?