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  1. sinschneider0

    OW to other games ?

    when i did the conversion of 5 sens and 800 dpi to either monitor distance, viewspeed 1 and 2, it has the scope sens to 45 for 75%. This feels right to me for short to medium flicks. in the past i was using 38. Again, though.. now im just confused :/
  2. Hello, i frequently come back to this site to use the calculator, but now im confused more than ever on when and why i would use 360 distance over monitor distance or viewspeed 1 or even 2. I read one other post where someone asked you about converting OW to other games, and u mentioned 360 degree for hipfire, and viewspeed or monitor for scopes. I am wondering why you need to change it, and what is the difference between those 2? because when i looked at the conversion to games such as islands of nyne or pubg or even resident evil 7, the numbers change on all of the different types. im just looking for the closest 1:1 ratio as possible to keep building muscle memory on all games as much as possible I got a little bit more information from your video which talks about the monitor distance 75% setting. I understand your video but i guess any little clarification helps my knowledge
  3. sinschneider0

    Islands of Nyne recently removed ADS calculator

    hey man i figrued it out. when i looked at the tool tip for ADS, it looked like it should be set to the same as hipfire. so in my case if my hipfire after the conversion is 45%, then i need to set the ADS to 45% as well to be the exact same feel. THEN i use the 45% ads for the scopes. before it was confusing because on the old calculator it said my hipfire should be 45% but ADS should be 35%, thus i thought it was a different conversion before but now after testing it looks like hipfire and ADS should be the same whatever % you set it it to. Now on the flip side, if i set hipfire to 45% but keep ads to 100%, it will totally be different sensitivies when going from hipfire to say a holographic scope where it will then suddenly be too fast, so it has to be set to the same %
  4. sinschneider0

    Islands of Nyne recently removed ADS calculator

    Ok it does look different than before and i will try it
  5. sinschneider0

    Islands of Nyne recently removed ADS calculator

    When i changed my ads to 100% it was wayy to fast. Completely different than pubg ads sens. Originally when i used your calculator it said i should use ads sens of 35% and it somewhat seemed right, but now you're saying go to 100%.. i tried it in training but theres no way thats right
  6. sinschneider0

    Islands of Nyne recently removed ADS calculator

    hello? in your calculator you need an ads sens to enter for the scopes, but the default ads sens is too fast at default so its completely inaccurate now
  7. sinschneider0

    Islands of Nyne recently removed ADS calculator

    hmm.. are you saying the ads sens underneath hipfire should be 100% and then just set each scope sensitivities by inputting 100 for the sens to use? Because to enter in the scope sensitivities you have to enter something for the ads and that makes it a bit confusing. When i think of ADS i think of red dot and holographic or iron sites. Are all 3 the same? or is iron sites different from red dot and holographic? Even so, there isnt a setting yet in game for those separately, only ADS.. i hope it means it encompasses all 3 sites. Also on a side note, ive recently been using the old ADS sens that you had in there before and it fealt right atleast. i mean ive been getting good kills and fast flicks so now im confused whats right... edit: yea i just tested it and 100% ads is definently too fast and not the same feel. the old ADS conversion was right! please put it back T-T Also, thank you for all your work as always, i love this site!
  8. Hello, recently i noticed the ADS was removed from the Islands of Nyne sensitivity converters although you added in the difference zoom scopes which is very helpful. please add back in the ADS so we can double check it again! For example of what im talking about, when you select on the drop down for 1.00 scope on up, it asks for you to enter an ADS sens, but now theres no option for you to convert your hipfire sens to ADS sens
  9. sinschneider0

    Game requests

    Hey recently i noticed you updated the islands of nyne to include the zoom senses, but now you removed the ADS calculation. please add it back in so we can verify ADS relative to our hipfire.
  10. sinschneider0

    Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

    after using the calculator it shows the path on the bottom under the "game info" box, which is this: Config file: Game.ini Path: %LOCALAPPDATA%\IONBranch\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor to open %local app data% you just need to simply open file explorer, click on C drive, then users, then the user account you are using/logged into, then app data > local > IONbranch > saved > config > windowsnoeditor > game.ini You will need to change the file explorer settings to be able to view hidden items ( at the top of file explorer just simply select view, then check the box for hidden items