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  1. phazed

    Apex Legends

    Were you ever able to figure this out? If so could you convert mine? 1600 dpi ow sens: 1.75 ashe zoom : 51.47 fov: 103
  2. phazed

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I tried that and it reset all my sens to 50 and didnt take effect of the senses i put. Is it because my engine file and the other one werent read only? also i dont have the calculator. Can you do it for me or is that not allowed?
  3. phazed

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Can anyone help me? im 1600 dpi. 2.20 in OW. 24inch monitor at 1920x1080. ow fov is 103, pretty sure its like 39.36cm/360. do i need to change the mousesensitivity=3424234 numbers to 50.000000 or can i leave those numbers at what they currently are? also do i need to make my engine file and settings file read only? thanks for the help