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  1. I use 125% scaled desktop and 400 dpi under 2560*1440 now. But I used to use 400 dpi and 70 in game sens in league of legend under 1080p. How should I choose in game sens to get same feeling with 400 dpi 70 in game sens under 1080p? Is the scale desktop will also affect cursor speed in 2d game like league of legend?
  2. I am now using around 34 cm in 103 fov for months which is much higher than my previous 41cm 106fov. I am now considering to switch to even higher sens like 25 cm 106fov or even 20cm. But I dont want change to wrist aiming (even navigate with wrist). Is it possible to maintain precision with high sens using arm aiming? Anyone here succeed?
  3. 0% is the most ideal 3d<->2d conversion method. Just use 0% monitor distance match
  4. r6无法将平倍镜和acog的灵敏度分开调,很多其他育碧游戏,像farcry也是这样。没办法。我个人选择的是50,处于平倍镜和acog中间的一个值。不用填灵敏度2也行。每个游戏的右上角选择倍镜哪里选择all, 会全部给你一次性算出来。如果觉得有些奇怪,就腰射也用0%。全部改成0%就行了。 游戏灵敏度不用想太多,玩久了就算没完全同步也是会完全适应的。很多高手不同的游戏会用相差很多的灵敏度,但一样也会很厉害,(比如shroud,绝大部分游戏都不同灵敏度)。同步算是形成肌肉记忆一个捷径,但也仅此而已了。如果觉得一直适应不了,可能是你的整体灵敏度太高了,所以在细微控制上还有欠缺。 对于一个游戏,灵敏度别老改就行了。不同的游戏灵敏度就算不一样,都玩久了习惯了,一换游戏你大脑也会学习的很快,迅速适应。(因为两个游戏整体感觉不同了。比如说画面,音效,节奏等等。你大脑一样会迅速适应。)
  5. r6的10大概相当于战地的13%,apex的3。r6的fov是vertical fov和战地的74差不多,apex的默认90 horizontal差不多。建议将r6也设成74,战地系列设置为74,apex默认,获取最精确的匹配。建议全部使用0% monitor distance match获得准确灵敏度匹配。r6的,acog和一倍的不一样,所以难匹配。可以选择个50到60 这个中间的值。战地统一士兵瞄准打开,coefficient设置为0. Apex默认的1就行了 再想试别的游戏时,dpi处填dpi,fov通过看actual fov匹配合适的fov。灵敏度改成in game简单点(如果你不会改配置文件的话)。 实在不懂改成simple mode,会容易用一点。
  6. Dont u think that wrist may be not that healthy for long time gaming?
  7. Sir, so do u changed ur aiming style after u switch to high sen? like from arm aiming to wrist aiming? or arm aiming all the way
  8. But like how high the sensitivity is need you to be wrist style player? im a arm player now and only use wrist to do microadjustment, doesnt really want to change my aim style. Is my 32cm for now too high for arm aim?
  9. I have lowered my sens 4cm for about 1 month with 32 cm now. I feel like that my aim sometimes is less consistent now. Is it because of the too high sens? in kovaak fps aim trainer. Max score of my higher sens is higher and min score is also lower than before. But my score for my previous 36cm always located in a much smaller range. I know the sample size is pretty small, but it still keeps me thinking whether im not as consistent as before. Its just some times I feel my aim is much better than before but some time much worse with higher sens. BTW, anyone feel like that cursor on desktop is faster than before after u sync ur game sens with desktop sens with 0%MM???
  10. WTF, thank you so much!! First time win a lottery since wining $2 prize at the store near my elementary school.
  11. im just gonna use my sensitivity for 103 and 106 fov lol 346364 327035
  12. Always keep changing.... just cannot stop. I used to use 36cm 74 fov and 75% monitor distance match. Have get used to 0% match now. But when I convert to games with 103 fov max. 360 becomes 38 cm and I started to feel like I lost a lot speed. So I tried 34 cm 103 fov and 0% match from desktop 32 cm 103 fov,(2k, 125%scale, 400 dpi) ... but I usually feel like that they are too quick. Im not sure if I just dont get used to it. (Played like 5 hours with each). Anyone have any idea to help me stick to one sens???
  13. 你选择了0% monitor distance match自然就是0.82了,如果你用的75% 就会是1,这也是默认的。其实选择哪个都行,但0%是理论上最好的,你对其他的match有偏好也没关系。
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