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  1. I can see that is true in calculator, but I am going to have to apply it in game and test it out with my mouse and eyes to get what it really means. Thanks for being patient with me on this one!
  2. You set it in the config file to whatever got calculated. In my example above it says under COD: Multiplier 1: mouse_ads_yaw_ads_multiplier="0.47249" I looked at your other posts and found your settings: Overwatch 13.01, 49.05% scope, 1200 dpi. If you wanted to try it the same way I did, first you get your COD hipfire sensitivity using cm/360 (called 360 distance in calculator): So your hipfire sens for Black Ops 4 is "12.99880". Now let's check ADS sensitivity: So set your mouse_sensitivity="12.99880" and your mouse_ads_yaw_ads_multiplier="1.29451" in CORRECT COD config.ini, change ADS mode in game options to Legacy, and you should be all done. However I can't promise it will feel any good, your sensitivity is like 4 times faster than mine to begin with, unless you have no desk space I would consider trying like half of it for a while to see how it feels. Good luck either way!
  3. "MDV 178 % = MDH 100 % at 16:9" SOLVED! Thanks. "let's say, hip-fire FOV is 120 and zoomFOV is 60, then both sensitivity and FOV get halved when zooming in." just to be sure, does that hold true for MDV178%/MDH100% or MD0%? That kind of linear sens/FOV scaling is what I feel like I'm getting from using MD0%, and it feels pretty nice.
  4. ""affected by fov" means that the game scales sensitivity with the hip-fire fov", makes perfect sense now thank you "you should probably try MDH 0 %." when converting from Overwatch (All) that would also assume my scope being 1:1 to my hipfire and after reading forums here for few hours to actually understand what that means, I realized I like my scopes/ads way slower than that. Fortunately in a post above I found settings that fit me perfectly. But I am still kinda curious where the 178% value came from exactly. Anything from 0-100% makes sense, I mean I am going to stick with 0 but I can see how somebody can prefer it higher up to 100. But more than that? Wouldn't that mean the sensitivities don't match up perfectly anywhere on your monitor, in which case anything from 0-100% would be objectively better? Even though I imagine the differences being minimal for the most people, isn't the best achievable precision kinda the whole point of a site like this :)? Only answer this if you are actually bored, I understood enough of the subject to know it must be a nightmare to explain to people with no clue like me, over and over :)...
  5. After hours of trial and error, I finally found something that feels "right". While it might not be the same for you (as I use relatively high sens for my hipfire and relatively low one for scopes/ADS), IF OVERWATCH IS YOUR MAIN FPS GAME AND YOU PLAY UNHEALTHY AMOUNTS OF WIDOW AND THE SETTINGS RECOMMENDED ABOVE BY SMARTER PEOPLE FEEL "OFF" IT MIGHT BE WORTH A TRY. Below I show an example of what to fill in the calculator. The example is for a widowmaker player with silly settings, just to illustrate: Overwatch hipfire sensitivity: 20.00 Widowmaker Relative Zoom sensitivity: 13.00 DPI: 1600 Calculated Black Ops 4 hipfire sensitivity: 19.98278 Select all the options highlighted with green as on the screenshot above (make sure ADS options are correct in COD as well). Input all the fields highlighted with red with your correct settings, leave the rest on default. This is the ONLY conversion method that feels "right" to me straight away. I can pick up a gun I never shot before with an attachment I never used before and as soon as the zoom ADS animation kicks in my brain knows exactly what kind of sensitivity I am going to deal with, I do not have to move my crosshairs around for 30 second to get a feel for it. I can't ask for more:). Couple more words about the options: FOV: if you do not know what to pick, 103 is same FOV as overwatch. Personally, I am going to play on 120 because I just can't tell a difference, hipfire aim feels exactly the same. ADS FOV: this is a personal preference, you can try it both ways. I ended up with Independent because it has that "scoping in" feeling. ADS mouse sensitivity: this is where I wasted most of my time. I tried several combinations of relative sens with different values matched by MDV. Nothing ever felt right. The ADS reflex felt good at best and ok most of the time. But every other attachment would feel terrible. The recommended MDV178%/1.78 was the best match for ADS out of other relative combos I tried, at least when it comes to flicking, but tracking always felt terrible no matter what numbers I put in. When I moved my crosshair by more than 1/4 of my monitor it almost felt like smoothing is being applied somewhere. I wish I could describe it better but it just felt bad for me. If you tried above and it felt good or bad, please leave a post with your OW hip and sens scope, your DPI and your mousepad size, I am curious how it feels for other widows! EDIT: reading the whole topic and now my post back, I feel kinda silly, since I haven't really suggested anything new. My problem was asking the impossible in the first place (make EVERYTHING feel EXACTLY like widow scope HURR DURR), and because I tried to convert from (All) to (All) which I still think is scary and confusing. Hopefully it is still useful for somebody else who got confused and just need stuff highlighted for them
  6. Thank you so much for answering! Unfortunately, this just confused me even more 1. sens is higher because the fov is higher: I am assuming this is because I am using MVD instead of cm/360 like before. While using cm/360 FOV does not affect the result. Shouldn't it say "Affected by FOV: Yes" next to black ops info when using MVD to convert in that case? 2.1 cod hipfire sens same as widowmaker scope 360?? I play OW on 4000 dpi, wiht 25% that's 1000 edpi.... 1000 edpi for hipfire in COD? That seems extremely low... I know some ppl coming from games like CS:GO tend to play with v low sens but THAT low? How would I even check corners or do a 180 turn when flanked? I am not sure I understood you correctly here, I tried it out of curiosity and even on 40cm+ mousepad that feels just ridiculous to look around. 2.2 Unless I understood the above wrong I do want to keep my hipfire sens while having ADS feel as close to widow scope as possible. You say to lower my ads multiplier and my question is to WHAT lmao. Correct ADS multiplier is what I was after since the beginning. I just do not understand what other numbers am I supposed to tweak to find the correct one. EDIT: see screenshot below 3. this one is pretty clear except I still don't get why it says "affected by FOV: no" in BO4 game info. EDIT: after banging my empty head against the wall a bit more this is what I ended up with (COD hipfire sens rounded up on purpose): It still feels a bit wonky to be honest, but this is the absolute closest I got the ADS to feel like my widow scope. Thanks to @stereo3D. I am thinking I am probably not used to the engine/FOV/whatever and it will get better over time, especially for scopes. Overall seems like the thing I was doing different before was setting ADS mouse sens to relative which resulted in ~0.77 ads multiplier for me and felt waaay off. I still to this moment do not understand why does it have to be converted with 178% MVD instead of any other value and that is what I was missing. I would really appreciate if anybody can point out any obvious mistakes I have made. So far it feels better than it ever has but maybe it can get even better ;). I would also like to understand why do ppl recommend converting from All to All, instead of from widow scope straight to ADS like above. When converting from All to All there is seemingly no way to input your widow scope - multiplier 1 for OW is greyed out and the calculator assumes (an arbitrary?) value of 49.48, with no way of changing it as far as I can tell except for tweaking MDV % (and that messes up the calculations even more I imagine), and even then lowest it will go with MDV0% is ~38...
  7. I was trying to follow those steps but I end up with : I have a couple of questions here: 1.) Why does it say my normal sens should be ~1.45? Should I just ignore this part? I copied my hip sens from OW with cm/360 and am very happy with it, just wondering if it will affect ADS calculations. 2.) How can I get Widow scope sense to say 25 instead of ~49? I tried changing all the numbers and it never goes lower than 38... 3.) Does my FOV has to be the same as in OW? I like higher FOV in BO4... Thanks for all and any help!
  8. I spent last 2 days trying to figure this out. Around three times I was like "oh yeah I totally get it", then I would open the calculator and have that illusion shattered instantly. I am giving up, I am going to need help from somebody with a brain. Here are my settings: I play Overwatch as my only "regular" fps. I play on 3200 dpi, 1.25 sens 25% scope. When Ashe came out, I tried playing her with 25% too, but with her FOV it felt super slow. I tried converting it using HD/MHD/VD/MVD since I wasn't sure which one to use, they were all resulting in numbers around 33.00 so that's what I ended up choosing. It feels really good in game, maybe some longer flicks feel a little off, but that's just probably a matter of getting used to them. Lately I have been trying to play some BO4 with friends. Copying hipfire was of course easy, but for the life of me I cannot get ADS sens right. It's either too slow or way too fast or just feels waaaay off no matter what numbers I put in - and I tried plenty of them :(. I tried to follow the tips of folks here, so I am using MDV to convert from Overwatch All to BO4 All, however when I am doing that I am just not able to align the numbers so Widowmaker's scope is 25, nor can I get mouse_ads_yaw_ads_multiplier to align to 1.0000. I would be grateful if somebody who knows what they are doing could check the numbers for me. I would be even more grateful if somebody could take a screenshot with all the numbers inputted so I can understand where I was going wrong :(. PS: ADS FOV is set to affected, FOV 120. Thanks for reading!
  9. Sorry if this has been suggested already. We all know how much devs love to change things around between patches. It would be nice if after selecting a title calculator show what was the version used in calculations. If that is too much of a pain, adding a field with "last updated" date should require next to no effort. Thanks for considering this!
  10. Hey I hope didn't come off as rude! Was not my intention, you are the only person that bothered answering, I am grateful! I am just frustrated because I just assumed it's a given in FPS, since I am new to them. I will make due, but I'm hoping they add more control too! Once again sorry for my tone :).
  11. Thanks for your reply! I've read that thread, and I have read few similar ones before. None of them outright state it's impossible, but none of them have any tips how to achieve it either, so I'm just gonna assume it is not possible in this particular game (I was able to set it up like that in pubg and bf1 iirc). All of those threads have somebody saying how this is not what I want to do. I understand where they are coming from, but I still very much want to try it my way. In the thread you linked and in others I read people seem to always assume that I want to do 360s in ADS for some reason. Truth is, I want to do 60-120 degrees turn and I want them to take the same mousepad distance no matter if I hold a pistol or a rifle. I don't think that is too much to ask, honestly! (I honestly couldn't care less how "wrong" the scopes would feel, I can work around it).
  12. Hi, I am not sure if that is even possible? To clarify: I want to set my hipfire sensitivity to 25cm/360 I want my ADS sensitivity to be 100cm/360 for ALL weapons excluding scopes So far no matter what settings I use for the calculator, the results are off. By using ADS multiplier of around 0.44 I was able to make most of the rifles feel right, but the pistols are way off. For the record, I am using settings "ads fov affected" and "ads mouse sens. legacy", but I am happy to change that if needed. Somebody please tell me if I am asking impossible
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