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  1. Quackerjack

    Please advice scope sense awp csgo to bf1

    thats the point with the 0% MM match. I would advice u to use the default 1.33 or here 75% MM. It was not for nothing that the coeffizent 1.33 was chosen
  2. use m_mousespeed 0 in csgo console and there u go u have the same sens
  3. Quackerjack

    help sens feeling the same

    @Drimzi but what is the best method for zoom to hipfire? 0% MM feels way to fast
  4. Quackerjack

    launch option csgo

    a late answer but: with -usenoforcedmparms -noforcemaccel u get acceleration (i think windows accel) so u can try no launch options and m_rawinput 0 and windows acceleration on
  5. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    with 1 it feels like u are gliding on ice. Both are the same cm in 360, but still different feeling like 1 is faster. I use 0 but i just want to know what this is
  6. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    would be nice if someone can test it m_mousespeed 1 vs 0. There is definitely a difference. Just do a spray with 1 and 0 and u know what i mean
  7. ok 0% percent is best for hipfire to ads, but the other way ADS to hipfire is it also 0%?
  8. so now 0% percent isnt the best way anymore its 56.25 % now again
  9. why u think so potato? U see everywhere that u shouldnt change it.
  10. iam not the wizard here idk how u can make it feel the same, but i know converting zoom sens with a lower FOV example: 37 v.Fov = 37cm/360 converting to 90 v.Fov = 17cm/360. This feels ofc different.
  11. Why copy the distance? U can set the calculator for 360 distance. But u also have to keep in mind the fov change. Its not that easy, u cant calculate that way
  12. u did it right, ofc zoom sens is way faster if u calculate to a higher fov
  13. Quackerjack

    Loss of precision with higher sens?

    if u are over 25cm for 360 ° turn u shouldnt have any problems with ur wrist. Maybe ur chair/table is to low ur to high or ur mouse is not right for u.
  14. Quackerjack

    Battlefield V

    In my opinion just go with 1.33 its also the csgo default. If u use 0 and u use hard zoom weapons example the sniper the sensitivity is to slow. 1.33 feels the sensitivity is the same, but 0 is the mathematically correct way. So ur decision if u go by feel or the math way.