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  1. just play 2 weeks with the new mouse and u good with it. Its just habit.
  2. Quackerjack

    Loss of precision with higher sens?

    depends a lot progamer also play BF series or quake on a low sensitivity, there (70cm 360°). U right about cs, its much more preaim than other. Example Wltrs 90cm for 360° in a very fast game. At the end u have to decide what fits u. I personally think u have to select in every game a different sensitivity because the games are very different, in some games u can move faster in some slower etc etc.... and yea on the other hand there also high sens pros they can aim like gods, dont refer here to cs because as already said its more preaim. But maybe also take in mind a extrem high sens or low sens will hurt ur hands!
  3. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    yea thats what i mean u right its my own opinion but also most players play like that so i advisted the mainstream, everybody need try out hisself @MuntyYy ah thats what u mean, nice to know! @MuntyYy
  4. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    yes but the last time i played 1.6 u could only choose 4:3 so 16:9 doesnt matter or did they changed?
  5. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    @skidushe because the accel is easier to master with low sensitivity. In 1.6 the players played with a higher overall sensitivity as in csgo. @MuntyYy u can play csgo 4:3 also and its different
  6. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    a lot of cs 1.6 players gave up because the reason u said, thats true but also alot players gave up because they cant use there old mouse settings. Also if u watch cs pros stream they struggle on easy shots sometime. This is a good video where u can see how smooth his aim is in 1.6 and how hard in go
  7. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    if someone interested i found this: https://www.hltv.org/blog/13694/the-mouse-movement-problem-in-csgo-explained-in-detail i didnt test that things cause i stopped playing cs because of its weird mouse feeling. I mean what can we expect from a game that is developed for xbox 360. But that explains why a lot cs 1.6 legends give up on this game
  8. Quackerjack

    cs:go m_mousespeed 0 or 1

    digging this thread out hes right m_mousespeed 1 adds some kind of mouse smoothing. Do 0 if u use high sense and 1 if u have low
  9. Quackerjack

    Razer Mices

    Hi guys, i try to figure out what this Sentence in my razer driver means: The maximum sensitivity setting of 10 is unfiltered. Each incremental stop or setting is a 10% decrease, i.e. 1 setting will decrease mouse pointer input to 10% (i.e. a linear graph). Here a picture of the driver setting: https://archive.techarp.com/showarticle0bdb.html?artno=195&pgno=5 10 1600 9,5 1520 9 1440 8,5 1360 8 1280 7,5 1200 7 1120 6,5 1040 6 960 5,5 880 5 800 4,5 720 4 640 3,5 560 3 480 2,5 400 2 320 1,5 240 1 160 is the math right? So that means i can have 160dpi at this Mouse?
  10. Hi, any wizard here who can answer me whats the acceleration values of those games are? i was looking in the config but there is nothing like in csgo ex. m_customspeed_max. Is it even in the config? Or where can i find the acceleration values of those games? Thanks guys
  11. Quackerjack

    What's your preferred conversion method?

    for me the only good method is monitor distance 75%, what i use for scopes. After a long time testing i found out that every game needs their own sensitivity setting cause there is so much different
  12. Quackerjack

    Viewspeed and 0% in all games.

    i dont believe 0% is the way to go for example if u use Windows sens to ingame 400 dpi sens ~3,6 800 dpi sens ~3,6 in desktop u have to move ur whole arm to move the mouse ingame u can use ur wrist or only ur fingers. This cant be correct
  13. Quackerjack

    360 vs Viewspeed guidance

    so correct me if iam wrong: 1. Same Sensitivity from a game to another game with the same FoV: Convert Sensitivity From a game with same FoV use 360° 2. Same Sensitivity from a game if u changed the FoV or u go to another game with different FoV: Convert Sensitivity from a game with different FoV use 0% Monitor matching 3. Converting hipfire sensitivity to aiming sensitivity: Convert Sensitivity from a game to the ADS sensitivity use viewspeed V2 4. Convert your sensitivity to a specific point on the screen i.e. 30%: Convert Sensitivity from a game to travel to the same point use Monitor matching and the % u prefer 5. Converting Aiming sensitivity to hipfire sensitivity Convert Sensitivity from Aiming down sight (ADS) use 0% Monitor matching If this is correct pls correct my bad english skills and put it in the faq. Most topics in this forum are about what to use and whats the best, an easy explantation like this would be very helpfull.
  14. Quackerjack

    360 vs Viewspeed guidance

    so if u want to convert a ADS sensitivity to another game hipfire u should use 0% Monitor ?
  15. Quackerjack

    Battlefield V

    still dont get it, the fov in bf5 says default is 70 so i guess they went back to horizontal 4:3. In the calculator is it 55 vertical. Also the USA coefficient is 100 in bf5. In they calculator 133. Should we set 133 now ingame settings?