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  1. High Sens player here. The main difference between high sens and low sens aiming are body mechanics. There are many Low Sens aimers that don't believe in high sens accuracy due them not taking into account the physical aspect of aiming and how it changes when going from Low to High. At lower sens, the two articulation points are the arm for big movements and wrist for small adjustments. Whereas with high sens, its big movements with wrist and fine tuning with fingertips. You'll notice that many lower sens players don't use their finger tips because, as it is apparent, there is not a whole lot of need for it. So when trying to adjust to High Sens and failing to adjust to using fingertips and/or changing their grip to allow for fingertip movement will not yield the best accuracy results. This is why I believe Low-Sens-Only players don't believe in High Sens.
  2. Honestly, I don't see a lot of talk about this, but I think the factor looking for is mousepad thickness. The thicker the mousepad, the more likely when you can press the mouse into the mousepad, making it feel a little harder to move. You'll notice this happens more often with spraying or track aiming. You're pressing down on left click (or left click AND right click in the case you're playing a game that has ADS) and there for you press the mouse into the pad. There probably isn't a whole lot of talk about this cause I feel like its more noticeable with High Sens and there aren't a whole lot of professional competitive gamers that use high sens. I have a range of about 4 to 6 inch 360 @ 103 FOV. The mousepads that you have listed are 4mm to 5mm in thickness. On Amazon, the Steel Series Classic QCK small/medium/large is 2mm (my old go-to mousepad). Same with the "Amazon Basics" mousepad which seems to be a rebranded QCK 2mm lol. Give that a shot. The mousepad I landed on was the "Reflex Lab Pro 9" which is 3mm but it seems denser and feels like a QCK 2mm imo. Be warned tho, the Pro 9 is small. I'm a high sens aimer, so I don't need a lot of room. The other option is to change habits; try not to press hard on the mouse when tracking.
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    Hey DPI Wiz, First time poster, relatively new to the site. I noticed in toxikk theres a setting called "MouseAccelExponent." at first glance, like most of us, we see something with "Accel" we immediately want to squash it and set it to "false" or "0" but I assume it affects mouse accel exponentially. so if accel is false with exponent 1 it would calculate 0^1 = 0 but if its accel off and exponent 0 it would be 0^0 = 1? Should we even bother with the exponent if accel is set to false? I suppose it would matter if accel set to false mean acceleration is set to 0 or if it means its completely disabled and not even a factor and therefore ^1 would not even be applicable.
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