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  1. Oh great!! That's awesome man. I knew I'd get the wisdom I needed haha. Thank you
  2. Thanks for your reply! Is it possible in BF4 to get the HFOV to 106.26 if the VFOV is 73.74? If I move the VFOV to 73.74, it moves the HFOV to 90. I'm not sure how to make the HFOV 106.26, if the VFOV is 73.74
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. Not to sound rude, but WHY should it be 74 vertical and not 90 vertical in bf4 to match cs:go fov?
  4. I'm hoping someone here can please help me with this I play BF4 and CS:GO at 16:9 / 1920:1080, and I have matched mouse sensitivities for both games. However, I am not sure which FOV to set in BF4 to make it identical with CS:GO... In BF4, do I set my FOV to: 74 Vertical (90 Horizontal), OR 90 Vertical (106 Horizontal) in order to match it with the CS:GO default FOV? Ultimately, I want my hand 'muscle memory' when playing CS:GO to be identical to BF4, and I know that FOV does effect sensitivity. I'm hoping DPI Wizard or any other wizard/ knowledgeable respondent can please help me Thanks a lot guys! P.S - I have Uniform Soldier Aiming set in BF4 which makes ADS sensitivity identical to hipfire sensitivity for those who were wondering...
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