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  1. Valarri


    There's negative acceleration in the game isn't it?
  2. Valarri

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    What does that mean?
  3. Valarri

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    Is there a way to calculate the ADS sensitivity for this game too? Or... does anyone the hipfire to ADS ratio for this game?
  4. Valarri

    Destiny 2

    So, Viewspeed/Monitor Distance should be used only when converting ADS yeah? I'm a little confused
  5. Valarri


    Is there a fix for the negative acceleration? A command line parameter or something?
  6. Valarri

    Calculator Discussion

    Looking forward to it. And thanks for your hardwork. Truly appreciate it.
  7. Valarri

    Calculator Discussion

    Time to experiment! Cheers!
  8. Valarri

    Calculator Discussion

    So essentially, you're saying that its better to have higher DPI and lower in game sensitivity, than lower DPI and higher in game sensitivity (given the same inches/360)?
  9. Valarri

    Calculator Discussion

    Seems to be spot on with the 360 test. Could be due to the ADS making it "feel" faster in cod4
  10. Valarri

    Calculator Discussion

    Any reason why Cod4 feels "faster" than when I'm playing CSGO, given the same sensitivity?
  11. Valarri

    Calculator Discussion

    Nice tool! It could be me, but it feels weird for when I convert from Cod4 to BF4. It seems like the ADS sensitivity is different too, like BF4 seems slower/less sensitive. Does this take into account ADS sensitivity? Otherwise how can I calculate for that? Thanks!