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  1. after reading the post i realized that it is a like vague so i'm gonna be more precise here : 1- the 3d settings and what really needs to be changed there 2- the scaling mode on nvidia control panel 3- frame caps/limits and after what number it dies not matter that much ( is 250 different than 400 on 144hz monitor ? ) 4- do i need to install any app for acceleration and such ? and other things if you can think of
  2. Hello does anyone have any sort of good guides on how to set up your pc or softwares like nvidia control panel and or mouse to have the best mouse feeling for games ?
  3. hello what are you exactly looking for ? to have 1:1 hip to ads ? when you find your hipfire sensitivity and fov through the calculator i suggest you head to the training and do 360 while scoped in , when you found a good one then test it on the targets a little and see how it feels try 1.31 ads and 1.52 ads multiplier at the start then go to 1 and see what you like most
  4. why do you try and see what you like most ? just set up the sensitivity from the 360 from other games at start and if that did not work for you then change it to other methods ? i like mine at 1.30 ads multiplier and what ever my hip sens is , that way when i use holo and close range scopes it feels 1:1 to me
  5. Hello , i was wondering that if change of resolution will result in the change of sensitivity even if the aspect ratio stays the same ? like going from 1440p to 1080p
  6. i was having A LOT of inconsistency in terms or sensitivity and numbers for the past 2 years since i switched over and i changed my sens every day or so but it has been a few months that i find myself using the same sensitivity or atleast very very close to it daily the strange thing is that i found the solution in the dumbest place/way possible i play aimbooster for 10-15 min before i start playing video games and my gold is to hit 2 min 30 sec and over a few times and for some reason i always find myself doing that with 350-400 dpi and when i get to the game the sens feels normal if one day i feel like i am doing good with 400 or 350 then i change my in game sens accordingly again i am fully aware that this method is dumb since aimbooster is a 2D game and it does nothing in terms of recoil or game movement and game but it is working for me and i am happy that i finally found this
  7. hey im not sure about the fov but i think 103 in overwatch is 86.5 ( 87 ) in apex legends but again im not sure so hopefully someone else can help you with that
  8. don't worry about the " feeling " just use the sensitivity that you get from the calculator for a while and give it a few hours the game itself feels extremely fast at the start ( struggling to keep the weapon on the enemy ) since the game feels not so optimized
  9. i have tested in game and with calculator and this is what I've found : some guns like scout or r301 or most rifles have a different ads sensitivity that guns like shotguns and wingman the holo and normal scopes on wingman and shorguns can be 1:1 with 1.31 ads sensitivity ( sometimes 1.32 or 1.30 ) and the ads of the other guns that i mentioned can be 1:1 at 1.51ads sensitivity in my opinion put the ads on 1.31 and it will be the same for holo and red dot and normal scopes on wingman and shotguns , this is good because when you find holo sights the sensitivity will become 1:1 and just adjust the sensitivity by your general sensitivity ps. there is a pistol that uses light ammo that sensitivity was 1:1 on the normal 1ads ( but really no one uses that pistol )
  10. Hello @Drimzi firstly thank you for the help with the problem that KAIROS and myself were having secondly yes i completely agree that the accuracy of the calculator is dependent on the person using it and at no point i said that the calculator is wrong or made one of those shitposts " the site is broken and i paid money for this " and etc , i'm sure for someone like you that has been a part of this site for 4-5 years these topics are easy but for someone like me that used the calculator just a handful of times is a little more confusing
  11. I am having the same problem but i have not managed to get an answer for this yet The 83 ads in siege means the hip and ads ( holo iron and reddot ) are the same but from what i tested the apex legends 1:1 is around 1.3ads but the calculator is showing different numbers Also i jave read the fov should be changed from config files
  12. hey @DPI Wizard , i'm really sorry for tagging you but i can really use your help for a simple question that i have in apex legends the 1 ads multiplier seems to have a much lower 360 distance comparing to your normal hip sensitivity , in order to have a 1:1 ads and hip sensitivity what does the multiplier needs to be set at ? i have tested it on training with 110 fov and for me it seems to be 1.3 but i want to be sure of the number i have tested it with normal ironsight like peacekeeper and wingman
  13. hello i was setting up the sensitivity on the training and i realized that the ads sensitivity is lower than the hip sensitivity , it seems like for me the 1.33 ads multiplier gives a 1:1 sensitivity for me ... am i doing it wrong or the number is correct ? of course i did not try it with the scoped rifles because i think they already have some zoom on them but tried it with wingman and shotguns and the 1.33 felt 1:1
  14. Hello I'm not the person opening this topic but i was wondering if you have an article or a post that shows how you can convert different fovs For example how did you comvert the fov of r6 to apex ?
  15. Hey So if i have a pinpoint aim in a game ( example r6 ) at the fov of 90 , when i switch to apex or pubg or anything , do i set my fov on 90 always or should i set the fov and change the sensitivity bassed on fov ?
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