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  1. imhp94

    Fortnite sensitivity scaling

    ok thanks again have a nice day/night
  2. imhp94

    Fortnite sensitivity scaling

    hello @DPI Wizard firstly thank you for fast answer second thing since it says "This program doesn't modify or interact with your game in any way." this means it is not a bannable thing correct ?
  3. Hello everyone is there a way to change the sensitivity scaling in fortnite ? for example if the default is from 1-100 i want to make it to 1-10 and it allows me to fine tune my sensitivity a little more just like rainbow six mouse sensitivity multiplier that is set to 0.02000 and if you set it to 0.002 the sensitivity goes from 1-10 sorry if i explained it badly but if you are confused just ask and i will try my best to explain it
  4. hey thanks for the help also i was watching your csgo aim training on youtube today , very impressive stuff
  5. i understand it now so my question now is that , so what now ? is the way to make the game feel like other games like r6 would be to use relative sensitivity at 1.33 monitor match and just get used to a gun ?
  6. the problem is that not even the iron sights have the same sensitivity comparing to each other if i do a 360 with a rifle it won't be the same when i do it with a shotgun both having iron sights not even a fix for that ? @DPI Wizard
  7. hello i have been messing around with this and i can't figure out somethings 1- on relative which is supposed to give you a 1:1 when ads the scoping sensitivity is not 1:1 , not with iron sights not with red dot or reflex 2- why is it that i cant have the same sensitivity for 1x scopes like iron sights and red dots ( if there is a way please tell me ) i get it that getting 1:1 from all scopes are not possible or even not reasonable to do so but why can i not get the same sensitivity for the scopes with same zooms ? in r6 for example you have the same sensitivity for holo red dot and iron sight
  8. imhp94

    unresponsive aim in BO4

    hi there is no option for ads sensitivity there is 1 sensitivity with relative or legacy setting and there is a monitor match
  9. hello i'm gonna try and make it short... i have really good aim in every game like csgo r6 blacksquad , start the bo4 --------> super bad aim it is not really me either since there seems to be extreme smoothing or vsync , so bad that stopping at a fine point is simply impossible i can send you clips of me playing other games if you like
  10. @DPI Wizard im sorry if im turning this into another question but i have been reading on the article and looking at videos ... so do you say the 100% monitor match is as smooth as i can get the mouse movements ?
  11. thank you so much for the help
  12. sorry for being dumb but what is the monitor match and what should i do for a 1:1
  13. HI i am so very confused about the realm royal game the general sensitivity is straight forward but the scope sensitivity does not make any sense to me ... is i want to have a 1:1 do i need to use 1 on scoped sensitivity or 7.5 ? also what is 0 and what is negative scope sensitivity ( - ) ? thank you in advanced <3
  14. imhp94

    dpi convertion

    thank u sir
  15. imhp94

    dpi convertion

    for game mainly like what /