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  1. I use 0% monitor match for all 4 options in the calculator. I guess I am just a bit confused still. So if I am using 0% monitor match for all four options in the calculator, I should also be changing the USA coefficient from 1.33 to 0, leaving USA ON in the BFV settings, and setting the "multiplier 2:" settings to 1?
  2. Ah so a vertical FOV of 70.53 IS actually a HFOV of 103 in 16:9?
  3. I am setting the FOV in my config file to 70.53 which the calculator says is an HFOV of 103 but in game it says its an HFOV of 87. Anyone know what is up with that.
  4. Okay that all makes sense. So I am still unsure about this. Do I set this "GstInput.UniformSoldierAimingCoefficient 1.330000" to 0 or just leave it?
  5. My Origin ID is sealteamz6 for anyone who wants to play BFV!
  6. Hmmm well right now using the calculator I have 0% monitor match for all 4 options and I have ADS FOV and USA on. This has been how I have had it for a while but I was wondering if either should actually be off. Are you saying change the USA coefficient to 0% in game?
  7. Haha yeah I actually just uninstalled PUBG. Just gonna play Blackout when I feel like BR. Which I am finding to be a more rare occurrence the more I play BR games haha. Ah okay. Yeah I have bought regular games from them before and its been fine.
  8. For people who use 0% monitor match distance, do you have ADS FOV and Uniform Solider Aiming on or off?
  9. Yeah I pre-ordered it from CDKEYS as well! I just emailed them yesterday asking when they would be sending the code. I actually never really played BF games until last spring when I bought Origen Access and starting playing BF4 and BF1. Now that they have given all the DLC away for free I have been playing BF1 more lately. I really enjoyed the BFV beta though so I think you will enjoy BFV if you enjoy BF1. Dang! That is a lot of Squad. I think I have 15 hours into that game and recently uninstalled it because there is so much downtime and I constantly got killed from people I couldn't see. I've also given up on PUGB after 80 something hours into that game. I have spent way to much of that time just running around and looting and realized that for that game to be worth playing, or really any BR game you have to grind it fairly consistently otherwise you get owned a lot.
  10. I am getting pretty excited for the release of BFV! Anyone else on here planning on getting the game!? I would be down to squad up with others on here who are planning on getting the game. I play with friends when I can but schedules don't always align and BF games are just way more fun playing with a good squad.
  11. Oh bummer! What are your hand dimensions? My hands are like 10.5cm wide and the GPW feels okay width wise. The G403 is wider than both the GPW and the Rival 310. Oddly enough it doesn't feel a lot wider than the GPW. That said I think both are more or less the same width front to back whereas the Rival 310 seems to flare out wider towards the back as far as I can tell from pictures. Interesting that you are using the G Pro hero. My friend has a G Pro and I have played with it a tiny bit before. I would definitely have to claw or fingertip grip that mouse. When you were using the GPW did you find the liftoff and put down actions more clunky than other mice? That's the one thing where I truly feel the G403 is more solid when I compare the two is the action of lifting, moving, and putting the mouse down during big swipes is more clunky with the GPW than the G403. The G403 is also just plain old more comfortable to me. That said I can play with the GPW for a while before it becomes a bit uncomfortable overall. One interesting thing I have noticed is that my new copy of my G403 seems to have really good stock feet compared to the model I got last year. I wonder if they have improved them. The GPW mouse feet seem fine to me but I am using a Glorious PC Gaming Race XL mouse pad which is a cloth pad but fairly thin. I need to find a way to try out the Rival 310 still. Although truth be told at this point I think I could main either the GPW or G403 just fine. I think realistically the main thing to do if I want to get better at any game is to just start grinding away.
  12. @DNAMTE How are you liking the GPW? Oddly enough I think I more or less have gotten fully used to claw grip to the point where now if I try to use my G403 I find myself claw gripping it. The GPW definitely feels better than when we last spoke since I have basically gotten used to claw grip now. However, I am still struggling with whether or not I like it better than the G403. I am debating paracording the G403 and then comparing the two mice. The G403 still has better side grips for me. I find when I do fast swipes and pick up the mouse to reset and repeat that they feel more stable than with the GPW. Hard to tell in game though. Also the G403 feels slightly more supportive even when claw gripping due to the hump. Anyways, curious to know your thoughts after you have had more time to test it out.
  13. Thanks! I can't seem to figure out a way to edit the config file and prevent it from being overridden. Idk if anyone else has the same issue and if they do how they fixed it.
  14. Has it been established which option is best to use for "ADS Field of View" - Affected or Independent? and "ADS Mouse Sensitivity"? - Legacy or Relative
  15. Yeah that happens to me but it goes to sleep mode pretty quickly. I have my RGB on when I am playing though. The mouse should turn off (sleep mode) after a period of not using it whether your computer is on or off. I never turn my mouse off I just leave it and it does everything automatically. I also was using G-Hub and hated it so I switched back to the old software which actually detects games properly and puts on the right lighting mode on my keyboard when I am playing. ( I have the G pro keyboard.)
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