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  1. NukeON

    Escape from Tarkov

    I think I'm going to take this game as a sensibility apart from others, in all I can take an almost ideal sensitivity with 0%, but in this, due to the sensitivity penalties of the armor, I can not transfer any muscle memory without the value is changed every 2x3
  2. NukeON

    Combineds method.

    Sorry for the doble post, my browser has gone crazy, the problem I have is basically that with 0% MM, although it is shown that it is the best method, the change from a hipfire of a few cms to that slowness to aim, in games with the lowest fov I become very slow and clumsy, hence the attempt to find something that is viable and with a positive transfer between both games with different fovs, also quite differentiated.
  3. Good morning, I've been thinking about sensitivity for about a year, and I do not end up feeling comfortable especially when going from one game to another, I've gone from slow to fast since I've realized that I have a hard time repositioning the mouse and with small adjustments I have practically the same precision with high sensitivity, the doubt comes to me in scope / ADS, I always use MM 0%, but I have a problem and that is that I press the mouse too much when I hit the shot that I have a hard time tracking, is not a problem in games with my standard fov, 90V, but in games like tarkov with 75 V, and pubg 103 H, something wrong happened to correct since I move the mouse a little, here comes the question of the post, I have seen that viewspeed converts between fovs much better, at least when working for sensations, which after all is an important factor, is it viable ?, I know that I do not export everything I should to games with different fov, but it is also In those games, everything feels so different, that gives me the feeling of not exporting anything with respect to my main game when I use the same methods for everyone, thanks for the answers!
  4. Do you recommend ADS FOV off or ON for muscular memory?, im confused with this option, i see all the games i play,(pubg,tarkov), have Ads fov off, only battlefield have this option.
  5. NukeON

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Definitely, I've been testing the conversion from the base game, and the pointed to the other game to have the fov much lower is very slow, gives me 0 feeling of transference from one to another, so I'm going to get 0% MM from 360 obtained from the exported game, it feels much more natural the transition between games, both mobility, as speed of ads, keep it in the games where you can take me 100% by the fov, those that do not, I will use this mode, I know there are two sensitivities, but I think it's the same when exporting everything from one to the other.
  6. NukeON

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Thanks mate!, fixing my sens, thanks for all.
  7. NukeON

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    What do you think is the most important game to maintain the sensitivity for ads and scoping?? of the original game that is being exported or the one you are playing, my idea is to keep the hipfires, but I do not know which configuration of 0% MM to use for ads and scope, from root game, or the export...
  8. NukeON

    Same Cm/360 every game is good?

    Yes, i have this in battlefield, im talking for export this sens for pubg, i need to choose 8 sens battlefield, or the valor of 360cm in pubg?For scopes only 0%mm
  9. NukeON

    Same Cm/360 every game is good?

    thanks for the answers guys, for me it is important to maintain mobility, especially playing very aggressive, one more thing to see if you can help me, my sensitivity of battlefield is 8, about 30 cm, I take it to pubg, and I get the hipfire in cms the same as in battlefield using the 360, my question is, do I get 0% mm for ads and scopes of the sensitivity of the battlefield or the value of 360 of the pubg?
  10. NukeON

    Same Cm/360 every game is good?

    Okay, but the 360 , not a method, but as mobility for certain moments of rushing a house, in which you enter and you have to look at all the corners, it is also important, the problem of changing the fov is that if you want to maintain the same sensitivity, that agility is lost, and personally I also see important cursor placement, I always speak of hipfire, another thing is the scoped which method is the ideal to alleviate this transition so beast from one fov to another different?
  11. NukeON

    Viewspeed and 0% in all games.

    and I have it, that's why I ask it, in battlefield I have 90 Vertical FOV, and the pub is 103 Hz, the difference for having the same mobility is pretty much 0% mm, however with viewspeed it is quite reduced, that's what I mean.
  12. NukeON

    Viewspeed and 0% in all games.

    What I want to say, is that if I can pass the hipfire from one game to another through viewspeed to have more sensitivity to hipfire, and then that hipfire, get 0% MM for ads.
  13. NukeON

    Viewspeed and 0% in all games.

    If i upgrade hipfire, automatically scopes changes if i take the new sensitivity with 0% no?