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  1. NeverIsHere

    Pubg to bf4 pls

    I don't understand how to convert sens from pubg to bf4 with scaled 1x scope when I fill out all the values in pubg the calculator asks me to enter bf4 sens aswell which im trying to convert and find out what it is. https://imgur.com/a/rBeGL While scoping in pubg actaual sight fov is 43, I think thats what actualvfov means right? I use 74fov in bf4 and I use Unform soldier aiming and fov scaling in ads, so when I aim down the sights with 1x scope my actual fov is 67.27, so what value would be same sens as pubg? I don't quite understand how to find out.
  2. NeverIsHere

    can anyone help me convert bf4 sens to pubg?

    Oh ok, thanks for all your help.
  3. NeverIsHere

    can anyone help me convert bf4 sens to pubg?

    You mean multipliers? then yes, and is this how it should look like? https://imgur.com/a/vIAuv
  4. NeverIsHere

    can anyone help me convert bf4 sens to pubg?

    Thanks for quick reply, Sry about double post, It gave me an error when I tried to post so I thought it didn't submit the first time. What would you recommend I should do about scopes? have the 2x, 4x 8x as same sens as scaled 1x from bf4 or match them with scopes of bf4, I never really used other scopes other than 1x in bf4, what do you think is better for muscle memory?
  5. So, I just bought the premium account, and i'm wondering how I would get the same sens across scopes like same sens for 4x in bf4 and pubg. But there is no option for scaled 4x,8x etc scopes, if u havent played bf, the scaled option makes it so your fov scales even when you aim down the sight(ADS) so if u have it off, It would shrink the fov and zoom a lot more compared to when you have it on, is it because the sens would remain same across all scopes if you set it to ON? I'm not sure, can someone confirm? If that's the case then should I just select scaled 1x in aim in bf4 and then convert 2x,4x,8x in pubg? Would that be the best way to have the same sens? https://imgur.com/a/rO0Mt These are the inputs I put in, do they look right? Also what viewspeed should I be using, it defaults to v1 so I didn't change it.