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  1. anyone know or have a rough idea of what the default fov is (slider in the middle) for resident evil 2 remake on pc? and what would say increasing it 1 notch to the right be, +10 degrees from default or something?
  2. just tried the demo, see what you guys mean, it's not to bad, playable, resi 4 uhd had the same slight issue but that game was awesome, best in the series so far, should be the norm these days to disable such options if they insist on having it in the game, , why a lot of these devs a going wrong and games these days are not what they should be, make the games for the players not "this is how we made it and this how you will play it" bs
  3. damn that's not good to hear guys, might hold off on buying it then, is there any adjustable config files for this game?
  4. damn, need a monitor upgrade with higher refresh rate after watching that, still on and old asus 60hz but its a decent pc, thanks for the info
  5. there is an option in the video settings called reduce mouse lag which says, when enabled it will force the GPU to not run too many frames ahead, thus reducing latency, been playing with it off and seems fine should this be on?, seen this option in a few games but not quite sure if it should be on or off and does it really make much of a difference
  6. playing alpha 16.4 build the mouse feels fine, like a pc game, just tried the alpha 17 b240 build and something is off there as if mouse smoothing is on, theres nothing in the config file useroptions or menu anyone else experience this or know a fix or is that just the way they made the new build to feel cause its bs?, also what game build is the calculator referring to
  7. anyone experienced resident evil 2 remake with mouse and keyboard via a demo or something, if so whats the mouse feel like?, unplayable if the controls aren't at least half decent, game looks pretty good
  8. so for a 4:3 resolution (1280x960) stretched on a 16:9 monitor which of these is correct for say a fov of 90
  9. sorted it out, just needed to put the games on another hdd separated from windows
  10. changed Scheme0Sensitivity=0.350000 to Scheme0Sensitivity=0 last night just to see what would happen, it definitely affects and slows down mouse movement, which makes me think would you get a better calculation if it was set to Scheme0Sensitivity=0.500000, same with every other value there?
  11. in gamesettings.ini [GstInput] Scheme0FlipY=0 Scheme3InputType=0 Sensitivity0=0.278715 Sensitivity1=0.500000 Sensitivity2=0.500000 Sensitivity3=0.500000 Scheme2InputType=0 Sensitivity4=0.500000 Scheme4InputType=0 Sensitivity5=0.500000 Scheme0Sensitivity=0.350000 <<<<<<<<< is this line here meant to be 0.500000, 0.350000 is the default value InvertScrollWheel=0 Scheme1InputType=0 InputAcceleration=0 Scheme3FlipY=0 Scheme2FlipY=0 Scheme0InputType=0 Scheme4FlipY=0 Vibration=2
  12. might try limiting the fps with nvidia inspector then rtss, don't like vysnc its always disabled
  13. its the origin version, there''s are few more things to try yet, changing RenderAheadLimit=0 instead if 2 in settings.ini seems to help
  14. yeah its set to 0.5, knowing all this mouse sensitivity, proper fov and calculation stuff guess i didn't notice these things years ago, cheers for the suggestions though
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