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  1. Game requests

    For league of legends, would this help? I know with that info we can calculate it easy ourselves, but it would be convenient to have it on the calculator. League of legends sensitivity table
  2. The other day, I was checking how league of legends sensitivity interact with WPS and found this picture. I don't know if this might help for league of legends support and more windows sensitivity in the calculator. mouse speed = In-game sensitivity displayed on the interface mouse sensitivity = config file sensitivity value the game use I don't know if this might help for league of legends and additional WPS support in the calculator. WPS can be more precisely adjust in windows registry using decimal sensitivity value in the picture. League config file can be found here by default -> C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\game.cfg Under [General] GameMouseSpeed= // Sensitivity league will set in windows when game is launch SystemMouseSpeed= // Sensitivity league will set in windows when game close
  3. windows to overwatch with monitor size

    Skwuruhl explained here that it will match the movement to a certain distance on the monitor. Example, 75% match it to 75% distance of the monitor. It's good for matching how far you want your in scope flick to match the movement/distance. Remember that the distance start from the center of the screen. For game to other game conversion, other methods are better. Edit: It's better for hipfire the 360 conversiont method. I red somewhere that 56.25 is better for games using horizontal fov like overwatch with a 1920x1080 resolution (1080/1920*100=56.25). For games with 4:3 fov like csgo, it's better 75% no matter what the resolution you're using. Might be placebo effect, but it felt like a better match. Not sure how the fov play a role in this, but 56.25 was for overwatch and 75% for csgo. edit: Using 1920x1080 For windows sensitivity, I didn't find a clear answer. With my personal experience of using 3/11, 4/11 and 6/11 over at least 5 years, I concluded that there is no difference for your muscle memory. After using one of them for a long time, I was really precise on 2d like windows and it was not 6/11. Higher DPI is more smooth, but might capture more of your mistakes if too high. Higher windows sensitivity capture less mistake, but skip too much pixels when too high. Find the right balance between the two that work better for you. Don't worry too much about it. I tried to match with windows as an experiment, for fun and to learn. I recommend not using sensitivity higher or lower than what 100% or 0% give as a sort of safe boundary. The difference might be too high to adjust on the go. Anyway we can't match 2d and 3d movement perfectly, it's only to one point on screen like math wizard wrote. Edit: been away for a week and I didn't see they answered you better on the other thread oh well.
  4. windows to overwatch with monitor size

    Thank you for the good information mr. skwuruhl. I ended up using monitor technique with 56.25% (1080/1920*100) for windows to overwatch and I feel like it match better than my other try Final settings: Windows 4/11 with 800 dpi Overwatch 4.95 sensitivity ~45cm/360 which is my mouse pad width That way I can also use no raw input in osu! for my warm-up and it feel the same.
  5. Sens OW to CSGO with FOV

    Whats the DPI your mouse use. Check if the conversion is okay by testing movement length to do a 360 for both game.
  6. Questions

    Convert hipfire to scope with the same game. I would first convert csgo hipfire to pubg hipfire then pubg hipfire to pubg scope. edit: with raw input on for csgo it wont use WPS
  7. windows to overwatch with monitor size

    Thank you. It is still useful information. I ended up using monitor distance 100% to match it to the max right ? And with windows to overwatch, windows sensitivity give always the same overwatch sensitivity. The dpi change nothing to that. Ex: 6/11 -> 8.13; 5/11 -> 6.1 (depend on conversion metod) Lower windows sensitivity need higher dpi to fit the same cm/360, so I went for 5/11 which need a dpi ranging from ~700-900 I adjusted the dpi to match my cm/360 (which is 800dpi) and bingo I think I got what I wanted. Mouse movement ratio with overwatch and windows are almost the same with monitor 100%. I like how the movement feel the same. 5/11, 6.1, 800
  8. windows to overwatch with monitor size

    Using monitor distance for windows to overwatch what % shoiuld I use or is often used
  9. Edit: Follow this to see better answers from wizards on the forum. I want to get a new overwatch sens close to 5300 edpi (26.14 cm/360) with a preference for a dpi between 700-1400. To match with a ratio like 1:4 both horizontal distance movement, what process should I use? Is windows to overwatch best in my case? I also dont know what % to use in monitor distance. I will experiment with any conversion method if needed. Monitor: 20 x 11.3 vertical 22.9 inch