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  1. Howling

    Apex Legends

    Im still confused about fov and ads sensitivity+monitor distance So if I really want 90FOV just like in call of duty or bfv at 73.74 I have to set my Apex fov to73.74 which the slider is in accurate So how many fov I should set in config file? (90÷70 right?) And I used monitor distance at 75% so I should set ads multiplier in APEX at 1.33 right?(USA 1.33 inBFV and relative aim at 1.33 in COD)
  2. Howling

    Apex Legends

    if i want the same fov as 90 fov in call of duty (1920*1080) How much fov should I set in APEX ?
  3. Howling

    Battlefield V

    I think i may make everyone here confused , sorrry for my english I play cod blackop4 not modern warfare and want COD black op 4 sensitivity to be the same with BFV My fov in BFV is 73.74 (1920x1080) and my COD's fov is 90 (1920x1080) I use relative aim and I've selected monitor distance at 75% but ADS sensitivity in BFV is a bit weird (hipfire is almost the same) My cod sens is as the picture above So I just need to turn USA on and then change all the zoom sensityvity as it was calculated in the config right ? btw what is the difference between GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity1 and GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity1x00 and so on ..
  4. Howling

    Battlefield V

    Im sorry i posted the wrong picture I guess this should be correct ? so I have to change all the zoom sensitivity according to this calculation and just turn USA on right ?( I used relative aim in COD4) and what is the difference between GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity1 and GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity1x00 ? Thank for your help
  5. Howling

    Battlefield V

    Hi, I just use the calculator to convert my COD4/csgo sensitivity to BFV But I felt it a bit slower than in COD4 Not sure if I did it correctly and csgo to cod is Monitor distance at 75% I use relative aim in COD4 Can someone help me with this ? Thank you