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  1. Hey all it's me again, Am I converting this correctly to maintain muscle memory? All it looks like I had to do was make sure the apex VFOV matched up with CSGO?
  2. So for example @DPI Wizard, this is not correct? But the below IS correct since I matched their FOV's?
  3. I am playing with the 1728x1080 stretched now. Should I change to MDH 0% instead for a more accurate result? or should I stick to MDV 0% and only worry about matching the VFOV in every game?
  4. @DPI Wizard So if I want to convert my 1728x1080 csgo sensitivity to 1X zoom apex sensitivity, am I entering these fields in correctly? I set the FOV type for both to Vdeg since I'm matching MDV 0% on everything, and then I just trial and error'd the FOV I needed to set apex to to get the same ACTUAL VFOV as csgo?
  5. Hello all! I made sure to read through this thread before asking this but am still confused on how to make the switch from 1920x1080(16:9) gaming to 1728x1080(16:10) gaming. According to the thread if I want to convert all my games so that my muscle memory is the same, I should have all 4 boxes at the top set to MDV (0%) which I have done. Now for example in CSGO, I have everything at the top set to how I currently play. I am converting to the new resolution, so the only thing I changed is the resolution box. But now at the bottom, it looks as though nothing changed as far as my settings go? Even though the horizontal FOV is completely different. Is this supposed to be happening? Shouldn't my 360* be drastically different?
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