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  1. LuckyTony

    DPI/Sensetivity conversion (monitor size)

    Thanks you save my gamer life. XD
  2. LuckyTony

    DPI/Sensetivity conversion (monitor size)

    Thanks a lot. I was really confused about sens and monitor size, you helps a lot. I know my ingame sens(cs go), is 2 and dpi 600, in windows is 600 dpi too, then I just multiple 600 dpi by 15.6/24 and get 390dpi. This is my new dpi for 24" monitor 800x600, i'm right?
  3. Hi everyone. I have buy a new monitor with 24" before that I'm playing on 15.6" (my resolution remains the same is 800x600). So I've wanted to convert my ingame sens (CS:GO, BF4) to fit the same speed/accuracy after screen size change.