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  1. Fortnite

    You can now change sens for Aiming and Scoping. Would nice if it would be updated here
  2. Game requests

    Trove pls. It's on steam for free I think.
  3. Questions

    But CS:GO ignored WPS when I tested it with Raw Input disabled
  4. Questions

    OK, but wouldn't it be better / more accurate to use the "real" multiplier (the one I get from the console)?
  5. Questions

    I am not sure how you mean that. Could you do this and send me a screenshot, pls?
  6. Questions

    But this wouldn't give me the same ratio as from CS:GO, right?
  7. Fortnite

    I don't know if I am totally wrong here but shouldn't your fov for fortnite be 50,53 since you can't adjust it.
  8. windows to overwatch with monitor size

    100% does not mean it's the best one. It only means your aim is 100% the same at 100% of your screen (total right and left) everywhere else from the point it will get more inaccurate. But it's not a big problem.
  9. I summed up some questions. Could you maybe take a look at them and answer them?


  10. Questions

    And couldn't you make a convert-mode that gives you FOV and sensitivity so the crosshair sesnitivity is exaclty the same as the sensitivity from the game you are converting from no matter how far you turn?
  11. Questions

    Also is it normal that my sensitivity for ADS in PUBG is lower when my Aim is Hipfire than Zoomed (Ratio 1) (Monitor Distance 10%)?
  12. Questions

    Is Viewspeed ment to be ignoring WPS on the first game?
  13. Monitor Distance

    Helped me alot. But how would you compare viewspeed to monitor distance and 360°? (from one calculation it matched arround 60% Monitor Distance. Is this right?)
  14. windows to overwatch with monitor size

    You should use the sensitivity from the game you played most (your aim is best). And you should pick the convertion-method depending to how you act in the game. As the FOV and other stuff changes from game to game most of the time the sensitivity calculation just goes close to your other-games-sensitivity but only perfectly matches it in one point. So the methods kind of change the point it matches. 360° Distance = if you have to do a 360° to get to your target (not often needed). Viewspeed v1 is for movements at about 70% and v2 at about 75% of your desktop. (What I mean by the percentage is explained in the video ↓) And on Monitor Distance you can decide where it should match. Here is a tutorial on the Monitor Distance: (Since I am also new to mouse-sensitivity I could be wrong in some things but I hope I explained it accurate enough)
  15. Monitor Distance

    How does the calculation with monitor distance work and what does "Match at XY" mean in that case?