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  1. Keyinator


    But the value is the same everytime? (Ofc with the same fov type)
  2. Keyinator


    Does this work on every game or does it depend?
  3. Keyinator


    But isn't this one example of doing it manually? First I set my game I'm converting from to CS:GO with a sens of 1.685. Then I set the game I want the sens to be converted to Fortnite (for this example). I lloked up the sens it gives me for Monitor-Distance (33%) (0.010872) and V2 (0.011868). (A difference of 0.000996) Now that the Monitor-Distance is lower I increased FOV so it get's higher. New fov: 82 New Values: M-D (0.011244) and V2 (0.012214). (A difference of 0.00097) New fov: 86 New Values: M-D (0.012015) and V2 (0.012916). (A difference of 0.000901) Then a test if I can get the difference lower: New fov: 85 New Values: M-D (0.011819) and V2 (0.012739). (A difference of 0.00092) (Get's higher) New fov: 87 New Values: M-D (0.012215) and V2 (0.013094). (A difference of 0.000879) (Get's lower) So... New fov: 90 New Values: M-D (0.012829) and V2 (0.013632). (A difference of 0.000803) (Get's lower) So we go higher New fov: 92 New Values: M-D (0.013253) and V2 (0.013995). (A difference of 0.000742) (Get's lower) I made a jump to see where the turning-point is New fov: 98 New Values: M-D (0.014603) and V2 (0.015106). (A difference of 0.000503) (Get's lower) Another jump New fov: 110 New Values: M-D (0.017726) and V2 (0.017414). (A difference of 0.000312) (Get's lower) New fov: 111 New Values: M-D (0.018017) and V2 (0.017611). (A difference of 0.000406) (Higher than with fov 110) New fov: 105 New Values: M-D (0.016347) and V2 (0.016439). (A difference of 0.000092) (Get's lower) New fov: 106 New Values: M-D (0.016613) and V2 (0.016633). (A difference of 0.00002) (Get's lower) So in theory you have a more constant similiar distance to CS:GO with sens 1.685 when using an fov of 106 in Fortnite (When I made this I was a little bit under time-pressure so please excuse any writing-errors or unnecessary fov's.)
  4. Keyinator

    3D Aimtrainer Version 2.0 Beta is live!

    I found a bug: Played CS:GO (the first training option). Time was over but if you spam p it goes on and your score increases.
  5. Keyinator


    You can now change sens for Aiming and Scoping. Would nice if it would be updated here
  6. Keyinator

    Game requests

    Trove pls. It's on steam for free I think.
  7. Keyinator


    But CS:GO ignored WPS when I tested it with Raw Input disabled
  8. Keyinator


    OK, but wouldn't it be better / more accurate to use the "real" multiplier (the one I get from the console)?
  9. Keyinator


    I am not sure how you mean that. Could you do this and send me a screenshot, pls?
  10. Keyinator


    But this wouldn't give me the same ratio as from CS:GO, right?
  11. Keyinator


    I don't know if I am totally wrong here but shouldn't your fov for fortnite be 50,53 since you can't adjust it.
  12. Keyinator

    windows to overwatch with monitor size

    100% does not mean it's the best one. It only means your aim is 100% the same at 100% of your screen (total right and left) everywhere else from the point it will get more inaccurate. But it's not a big problem.
  13. I summed up some questions. Could you maybe take a look at them and answer them?


  14. Keyinator


    And couldn't you make a convert-mode that gives you FOV and sensitivity so the crosshair sesnitivity is exaclty the same as the sensitivity from the game you are converting from no matter how far you turn?