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    Question to Mouse DPI

    Hi Guys, I dont understand it ... What for Mouse Sens i have in Overwatch ? Apex Legend (104Fov) - 400DPI - 5 Ingame - ADS 0.8 - Res 1920x1080 The Calculator gives me confused things out ^^ big thx Guys
  2. Daddelgreis

    Hi Question

    Hi i dont know the Calculator exactly. I play Realm Royale with 800 DPI Ingame Mouse 5.5 Scope Sens -1.5. Now the Question in what for Field in the Calculator i set now the -1.5? Thx alot
  3. Daddelgreis

    Hi Question

    thx for all answere so fast and friendly really great ❤️ but any is not correct 😕 Realm Royale = 800 DPI 5.5 Mouse now... i calculated to Aim Labs = 1.335402 Aim Labs = 1.335402 to Realm Royal back = 5.2 and not 5.5 than really thats makes me sad xD Whats now wrong?
  4. Daddelgreis

    Hi Question

    Check the Picture: same Fov and idk its feels not same good any is wrong.
  5. Daddelgreis

    Need Help

    I dont know why ... but the complete converter not works for me (check Attachment) ... My Question is only when i play Fortnite with 2400 DPI and 7 Ingame what is the same sens by Overwatch (103Fov) ? Big thx to all <3 by the way ... Paypal not works for German Guys to Donate :/