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  1. looks like the config file doesnt read numbers under 0.014000
  2. I feel like the sens for spellbreak is not always correct. I measured a 360 distance on my mousepad and it is lower than it should be This seems to occur at a dpi lower (and maybe higher) than 700, which is quite strange. So at a dpi of 600, the number given by the calculator seems to be lower than it should at 750 it seems too high and at 700 it should be correct, or nearly correct i couldnt say exactly, it seems fine tho Could you maybe check them again? Thanks for your reply
  3. I tested it quickly by measuring a 360 ingame and it seems that the value in the ini file is completely useless. I didnt change it in a while so i guess the game didnt keep what was in the config file when the update was installed... So i guess now we can be sure about it. Thanks for your help Cheers
  4. Thanks for your quick answer! Can you tell me if the game will at least keep the config file sens that is saved at the moment or will it just completely ignore whats written there? That would mean i had to change my sens again or really use that inaccurate ingame slider...
  5. Hello, I tried to adjust some sensitivities in fortnite and noticed that the option of the config file seems to be disappeared in the calculator. Is it some kind of bug or did i get deleted for some special reason? Please help me fast as i cant use the ingame slider to adjust due to missing accuracy. Thanks alot! Cres
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