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  1. Oofta

    Apex Legends

    Will do. Thank you!
  2. Oofta

    Apex Legends

    So I think I'm doing this correct? If my CSGO sens is 2.01 then my Apex is 2.01 if I play with 90 FOV?
  3. Oofta

    Apex Legends

    If I convert CS:GO to Apex and I want to play Apex with 90 fov do I just set the fov to 90 in the calculator?
  4. Oofta

    Version 7!

    If I have been using monitor distance for my conversions should I stick with monitor distance horizontal still or use vertical?
  5. I play CSGO at 2560 x 1440 at 400 dpi and 3.05 sensitivity. I'm having some troubles translating this to in game sensitivities for PUBG. I play with an FOV of 99 in PUBG. Getting all the ADS and scoped sensitivities is confusing me. Help pleeease.
  6. Nvm I think I got it. For ADS such as red dots you use the zoom modifiers. Sorry you can delete this xD
  7. Basically 3.05 sensitivity 400 dpi in CSGO. My FOV in pubg is 99. I'm confused if someone could help tell me what the in game PUBG settings are that would be greatly appreciated
  8. For example if I use CSGO's hipfire to translate to PUBG's scopes it gives me all the default 50 for every scope. In CSGO I use a zoom sense of .6 for the AWP. If I put that in the multiplier and select AWP 1 it tells me to set all my scopes in Pubg to in game values of 39 for Pubg. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.
  9. My CSCO sens is 3.05 400 dpi. For Pubg scopes do I need to select the AWP under CSGO and enter my .6 multiplier? Or do I use the hipfire option in CSGO to configure all the scopes?