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  1. banSensitivity

    Battlefield V

    From today's patch notes: Implemented Uniform Aiming for vehicles (adjustable via the Advanced Control Options screen).
  2. banSensitivity

    Battlefield 1

    What is the difference between GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity1 and GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity1x00?
  3. banSensitivity


    They just added this for V11. It's already available on Steam beta branch, password is: aremapsbrokenornot Pic of settings
  4. banSensitivity

    Roblox Phantom Forces

    Thanks buddy, it's a funny game.
  5. banSensitivity

    Game requests

    Requesting Roblox Phantom Forces, f2p https://www.roblox.com/games/292439477/Phantom-Forces?nu=true
  6. banSensitivity


    How do I calculate what FOV the default cl_ads_fov_scale 1.0 gives, someone mentioned it's 1.56x zoom but I'm finding conflicting answers on how to calculate the actual FOV from that.
  7. banSensitivity


    Ok, cool. The difference between custom sensitivity with viewspeed v2 and uniform soldier aiming with the default 1.33 coefficient is <2%, same as in CSGO scoped in sensitivity. My problem is that Insurgency ads sensitivity at 1 doesn't feel like that at all. I will reset my settings again today and try figuring it out.
  8. banSensitivity


    I'm not sure what the 75% monitor distance is but the formula for uniform aiming looks pretty complex (https://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/forum/topic/2747-battlefield-uniform-soldier-aiming-formula/?do=findComment&comment=10657). I have it off anyway and calculated each zoom level value using viewspeed v2, the site enables it. Now I'd like the same zoom feeling in Insurgency where I use FOV 90 and sensitivity 1. Until I find one I'll use a lower FOV and disable the ironsight zoom.
  9. banSensitivity


    I don't really play CSGO anymore, my sensitivity there was 1, but I never used scoped rifles. What I've done is convert CSGO sensitivity to Battlefield 1 using vfov 74 and viewspeed 2, I then inputed all the calculated values of various zoom levels into the config file. I tested it and they feel nice, the aim transfers well. Now I'd like the same for Insurgency but there's no Ironsight sensitivity scale on this site.
  10. banSensitivity


    It feels too slow at 1.00, I'd like it to match viewspeed v2 settings that I can use in other games.
  11. banSensitivity


    Has anyone figured out the proper "Ironsight sensitivity scale" for this game yet, I just can't figure...