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  1. Hello, I looking to convert my ADS sens from Apex to Fortnite Targeting sens (So, the X1 Scope from Apex to Targeting Fortnite sens) but I have differents results and I need ur help... Here is my settings : Apex Legends (Config File) FoV : 1.4675 = 102.7 (but that show 104 ingame) Sensitivity : Hipfire : 3 - ADS : 0.8 Fortnite Hipfire Sensitivity (Config File) : 0.029703 Apex Legends X1 Scope (88.05 FoV) to Fortnite "All" : TargetingSlow : 0.9999879 Apex X1 Scope (88.05 FoV) to Fortnite "Targeting" : TargetingSlow : 0.4024460 Kovaak (X1 Scope from Apex Legends converted in Kovaak with 88.05 FoV) to Fortnite "Targeting" : TargetingSlow : 0.4024460 I don't trust that "0.4024460" is my 0.8 ADS from Apex Legends because it feel very slow in Fortnite, to you wich is the good one ? 😕
  2. Hello there, My FOV is 113 in BO4 and I'd like the same in BFV. When I convert that in the calculator the VFOV value to type in settings of BFV is 81 to get a HFOV of 113 but when I set 81 in game the note in the right side show a HFOV of 97 not 113 So what is the value that I must put to get a HFOV of 113 in BFV ? Also, thanks for this great website !
  3. Like that ? But 0.09 is not really "0.021782" so how I can know if 0.97 targetting sens is accurate ?
  4. I have a problem converting my normal sens to ADS/targetting, because I can't type my "MouseSensitivity=0.021782" to convert in Targetting/ADS The converter take only ingame sens and MouseSensitivity=0.021782 is 0.09 but 0.09 is not precise that not gave me the precise ADS/Targetting sens... I'd like a 18.5952 inches 360° in ADS/targetting but I can't convert this, anyone can help me ? Sorry for my english !
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