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    Premium for calculator or is there more?

    Okay thanks for the fast answer. Most games I know/play have such config files, so for me it would be perfect. Good thing too would be that the settings were saved in our account on this site so when we wipe our PC we can easily redownload our config file, that we generated with such future mechanic or for example get the option to download a backup or sync with pastebin etc. (just some ideas). That would be a service where I would strongly consider buy lifetime membership, as I see the time saved with the fact that I wouldn't be forced to readjust all the settings over and over again. After like 2 wipes, the invested money is worth it and some people wipe their PCs twice a year.
  2. Isnt there? Not in the supported list, neither in the unsupported list.
  3. Iam asking because it would be nice if we could just load the config files and download the changed or lets say synchronised, for that I would buy premium, but for the calculator, its totally easy to just do a 360 and use calc.exe... I dont get what the benefit of premium is, if we still have to manually edit all files and type in every current setting. Can you explain? with best regards, Sightseeer