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  1. Xin Hu

    Apex Legends

    Hey guys, just find out in the apex config file, there are more than one slide converting ADS. The following I believe is also working for some scopes: mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_0 "1.15" mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_1 "1.0" mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_2 "1.0" mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_3 "1.0" mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_4 "1.0" mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_5 "1.0" Due to inefficient knowledge to test it, I wanna ask all the people that can test it to have a look at it so that our aiming, without using 0% monitor distance, can be also good. I personally prefer 100% monitor distance. How can I adjust the sens so that the whole sens is parallel to 100% MM?
  2. Xin Hu

    Escape from Tarkov sens issue

    Yeah, every helmet and armor has its specific change turning speed in the item description. Knowing there is only one ADS sens universal for all the weapons, I have a request on making just the basic sights like iron sights and 1X scope as a standard. I don’t know if it will be too disturbing for u guys that can we make the aim category in conversion page for those different armors and helmets, which in total may have about 10+ items. I do know it is a massive work and I hope if u are not bothered too much, those items with reduced turning speed can be added into conversion calculation. If it could be too compilicated, that will not be a trouble for us though. In fact, just being able to get correct conversion for iron sights or 1x scope ADS sens could be much helpful. Again, thank u guys discussing for this bad game. Much love!
  3. Xin Hu

    Escape from Tarkov sens issue

    Thank u for the sincere reply. I really appreciate it. Yeah, our loadout would constantly change when we do each run. EFT is amazing that the sens are truly affected by, specifically, the armor level and helmet level. The higher level it is, the more turning speed could be affected. I am not sure about ergonomics and weight. Even though the loadouts might be different sometimes, In most cases, the 1X scopes like red dot and iron sight are equipped. So is it possible that if iron sight for each weapon has the same FOV as the 1X scope, could we make a sens standard as those commonly used sights regardless those helmet and armor level? Then we just convert the ingame ADS sens for those sights. If it could be possible, the game I love, EFT, could be so playable as I rely on those sick flicks and consistent tracking speed with other shooting games. Much love to u and other technicians investing so much time on investigating different sens and knowledges in each game.
  4. Thank u so much for the checking. I must hear the wrong info. I really appreciate ur massive good work done so far!
  5. Rencently EFT is becoming more popular than before and more patch updates has come out. Hipfire sens could be correct but ADS sens i believe must be somewhere wrong as ADS having lower FOV runs faster than hipfire in an identical mouse movement. So, could u the technicians have a check over those sens problem in tarkov? Also, can u guys spend a little bit more time testing sens for different scopes just for better precision when we change different sens for different scopes in each run?
  6. Recently, I have seen a post over the possible FOV change of the acog after the recent update. So my concern is that is this true? And if the fov really changes, can u guys help us, the rainbow six players, to figure out the new FOV so that we can adjust our sens?
  7. After reading many discussions about the benefit of getting 1:1 aspect, I have a rough understanding towards it. Thanks to Drimzi and DPI WIZARD along with other contributors that made 56.25% so useful. However, one thing that I wanna know is 56.25% monitor match is used when the the game type is Vdeg and Horizontal Res, right? But when it comes to csgo where the game type is Hdeg 4:3, what will the monitor match become? Is it still 56.25% or 75%? I am using 1920x1080, 16:9 monitor.
  8. Xin Hu

    League of Legends

    A question raised: When I try to convert my PUBG config to LOL, should I use 360 degree or viewspeed v2? If it is not a 'should' question, what 's the benefit of each one?