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  1. Recently, I have seen a post over the possible FOV change of the acog after the recent update. So my concern is that is this true? And if the fov really changes, can u guys help us, the rainbow six players, to figure out the new FOV so that we can adjust our sens?
  2. After reading many discussions about the benefit of getting 1:1 aspect, I have a rough understanding towards it. Thanks to Drimzi and DPI WIZARD along with other contributors that made 56.25% so useful. However, one thing that I wanna know is 56.25% monitor match is used when the the game type is Vdeg and Horizontal Res, right? But when it comes to csgo where the game type is Hdeg 4:3, what will the monitor match become? Is it still 56.25% or 75%? I am using 1920x1080, 16:9 monitor.
  3. Xin Hu

    League of Legends

    A question raised: When I try to convert my PUBG config to LOL, should I use 360 degree or viewspeed v2? If it is not a 'should' question, what 's the benefit of each one?