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  1. Yes, they are different because Y is 70% of X
  2. Find a short-term solution for your long-term problems!
  3. Both have acceleration/smoothing/joystick simulation issues unfortunately.
  4. It depends on you conversion setup, set ADS to 360 distance if you prefer this.
  5. It's just your brain The graphic style and gameplay of different games can greatly impact how the FOV is perceived, so while it is the same as CSGO at 90 you might prefer a wider FOV for Apex.
  6. Aim sens use the same scaling as the first game, but I'm playing this now to get some aims to analyze!
  7. I think you are using MDH 0% on the new one and MDH 75% on the old one. With the same percentage they should be the same.
  8. You can already do that, just select Distance instead of Sensitivity in the Convert from selection (Unless you mean something else?)
  9. When you select an "All" option, everything will be matched to the hipfire sensitivity of the game you convert from. The only reason not to use this is if your aim preference is not achievable with the conversion methods available. It's highly recommended to use the "All" option however, as it makes conversion mathematically sane and consistent. People are different though, so some prefer other matches. If you can't match your preference with the conversion methods, you need to do the calculations in (at least) two steps. First convert hipfire to hipfire, then convert ADS to ADS (or Scope to Scope) using the previously calculated hipfire sensitivity if the game uses that for ADS/Scope. The separate aim selections are also useful for finding out the FOV of a specific aim, as this will be shown in the "Actual HFOV" and VFOV in the output. No games other than some aim trainers give you the option to change FOV Type in the game. The reason for the option to change is that it also works as a converter. If you want the same FOV in Apex as in BFV, you simply change the FOV Type for Apex to Vdeg (because that's what BFV uses) and enter the exact same value as you have in BFV. The output will show you the Config FOV for Apex that you need to configure to match the FOV.
  10. No, the in-game value is off by up to 2 degrees +/- (at least). If it's vastly off somethings probably wrong somewhere, but the cl_fovscale value is the FOV that is actually applied to the game.
  11. Are you sure your Fortnite sensitivity is 0.7 and not 0.07?
  12. DPI Wizard


    Game added Golf With Your Friends Game updated Apex Legends - Added "All" conversions for every scope power.
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