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  1. DPI Wizard

    PUBG to BF1 coefficient

    I think he meant BF1, USA does the same thing in both games though. Recommended is on so you have better control over the scope scaling. It is correct that PUBG use the equivalent of 178 by default (if all sensitivities are set to the same value).
  2. Horizontal field of view. The FOV you configure in the game vary between games depending on the FOV type they use, but the Actual HFOV is what you actually see.
  3. 360 distance is only suitable for hipfire to hipfire conversion. The other methods can be used for anything, but which one is "best" is depending on your preference. An important key is to always try to match the "Actual HFOV" between games so the sensitivity feels the same. This is not always possible however as a lot of games don't have the option to customize the FOV, or the preferred FOV is out of range of the game.
  4. DPI Wizard

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    When set to 1 the vertical sensitivity will always be the same as the horizontal in terms of degrees/count. If you want the same distance to the top of the monitor you should indeed set it to 1.111111, but this will make the vertical sensitivity faster.
  5. DPI Wizard


    The ADS is the same when targeting with most weapons, but if you have something like a hunting rifle with no scope, targeting is actually the same as rifle scope.
  6. DPI Wizard

    BF4 FOV choose

    Always set the FOV to the Config FOV (i.e. 90).
  7. DPI Wizard

    FOV types

    You need to change it in the game, but you can calculate the value here if you want it to match another game.
  8. DPI Wizard

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Just enter the un-stretched resolution. The calculator currently assumes the image takes up the entire monitor, i.e. stretched.
  9. DPI Wizard

    Hunt: Showdown

    I need access to the scopes myself, footage is unfortunately not enough. I saw they just updated the test server, but no level increase there. The easiest way would be to borrow an account with high enough level, but that requires someone to trust me with their account. As long as you have the Steam authenticator activated there's no risk of account abuse afaik. I'm obviously 100% trustworthy, but I understand people have issues trusting other people on the internet.
  10. DPI Wizard

    Fear The Wolves

    Seems to be bugged at the moment, changing sensitivity does nothing.
  11. DPI Wizard

    Am I Using the Calulator Correctly?

    I switched it around now so it's more logical. The FOV field is now your regular FOV, and the Sensitivity 2 is the zoom FOV
  12. DPI Wizard

    Am I Using the Calulator Correctly?

    The way explained in the notes is the correct one, and it's done so the FOV is processed correctly. But it is a bit opposite of what it should be, so I'll see if it's possible to change.
  13. DPI Wizard

    Am I Using the Calulator Correctly?

    You are correct, the variable values must be switched. I'll double check later.
  14. DPI Wizard

    Game requests