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  1. DPI Wizard

    Subscription disappear

    The payment was delayed, so it has to be manually approved. I've done it now. Cheers!
  2. DPI Wizard

    Game requests

    Been playing around with Max Payne 3 a bit now, and it's a definite no-go. Just by changing refresh rate in the graphic settings the sensitivity changed from 1.8 inches to 4.8 inches and then to 6.2 inches, with no (apparent) direct link to the refresh rate. Either way, sensitivity affected by refresh rate is impossible to add
  3. DPI Wizard

    Escape from Tarkov sens issue

    I haven't played the game much either, but if armor affects your speed, does it do so in a matter of max turning speed? I mean like when you drive a tank in Battlefield there is a max speed you can turn the turret at, is it like that? Or does it just become slower in a way that can be countered by increasing mouse sensitivity (which sounds like a very weird design choice to me, but ok).
  4. DPI Wizard


    Fortnite updated with one more decimal for greater accuracy. While four decimals would be ideal, three should make the save file editor unnecessary for most people as will be more than 0.6% accurate in most cases.
  5. DPI Wizard

    Game requests

    Actually never mind, it's already added
  6. DPI Wizard

    Game requests

    Don't have it, a key would be great!
  7. DPI Wizard


    I'm already on it, just need to verify that nothing else has changed and will update it
  8. DPI Wizard

    Game requests

    Still getting some negative acceleration in this game, but might be able to do it anyway. If anyone know a trick to fix it let me know! I've tried changing the FXAA, MSAA and vsync settings but it didn't fix much.
  9. DPI Wizard

    Game requests

    PUBG FPP config file sensitivity is "pure" UE4 sensitivity.
  10. MDH 0% is generally considered the best method for ADS and scopes. For hipfire it's usually between 360 distance (which make navigating easier) or MDH 0% (which makes aiming easier). If you manage to set the same hipfire FOV for the games the methods doesn't matter for hipfire.
  11. DPI Wizard

    PUBG Config sensitvity

    There are slight differences in ADS FOV for different weapons, which is why there are three options now. The old one was the same as AR is now. The best and easiest way is to enter the sensitivity value in-game, but do not press enter after changing the value. Just enter the exact number with all decimals and click with your mouse into the next box. At the end click Apply. If you enter the number and press enter the value will be rounded to the nearest whole number.
  12. If you enter your resolution and configured FOV value for the game (leaving the FOV Type at the pre-selected option), the correct FOV will be calculated. If the game does not have a configurable FOV, leave it at the default value in the calculator.
  13. DPI Wizard

    Insurgency Scope

    Scoped is missing because it was very hard to analyze with support for all the zoom/scope settings. But if I do like in Sandstorm (require certain settings to be on/off) it should be possible to add it. Ironsight have a much higher zoom than the CSGO scopes, that's why it's different.
  14. DPI Wizard

    Please help with FOV 2 games

    Yes, this is correct!
  15. DPI Wizard

    Mouse Sensor Accuracy Test #1 (G900 vs EC2-A vs PM3360)

    I do need to get around to do these tests, I've got a bunch of mice ready to go!