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  1. DPI Wizard

    Game requests

    Request new games to be added in this thread.
  2. DPI Wizard

    Apex Legends

    Apex Legends
  3. DPI Wizard

    Red Crucible 2: Reborn

    Red Crucible 2: Reborn
  4. DPI Wizard

    Windows Viewspeed Conversion Bug?

    This might be a bug indeed, it seems to be about twice what it should be. I'll take a closer look!
  5. DPI Wizard

    Apex Legends

    If your goal is to have the same 360 distance with Holo in Apex as in hipfire in CSGO, you're doing it correctly.
  6. DPI Wizard


    Setting GstInput.MouseSensitivity to 1 in the beta solved some acceleration issues when in 1st person, but didn't have any effect on the Javelin. For the release version 1st person is fixed and doesn't have acceleration anymore, but the Javelin is the same. I just realized they completely broke the scaling for GstInput.MouseSensitivity in the release though, so I removed it from the calculation and added a note saying it has to be set to 40 for the calculation to be correct. Using 40 doesn't come with any limitations though, so it should work for everyone. In the beta it was a pure multiplier, but it doesn't scale in a mathematically sensible way anymore.
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    Far Cry New Dawn

    It might be in some cases, try to set all these values to 0 in the config file: UseMouseSmooth Smoothness Smoothness_Ironsight MouseAcceleration MouseAccelerationOn
  9. DPI Wizard

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Far Cry New Dawn
  10. DPI Wizard

    Bugs help me !!!!!

    Can you post a screenshot?
  11. DPI Wizard

    Saved inputs deleted?

    The saved inputs are only stored on the server and not in cookies. But the reason you don't see them is because your subscription expired. I see Paypal might be out of sync, so I'll extend your membership and see if it re-syncs.
  12. DPI Wizard


  13. DPI Wizard


    Confirmed, sensitivity is now 1:1 for the X and Y axis.
  14. DPI Wizard

    R6S to Apex Legends

    You only need to calculate one value, the 50 you see is probably the default value automatically loaded when you select the game. Can you post a screenshot?
  15. DPI Wizard

    Battlefield V

    Battlefield V - Hipfire
  16. DPI Wizard


    In the conversion setup set the Normal conversion to 360 Distance.
  17. DPI Wizard


    Game added Far Cry New Dawn Games updated Anthem - Added Javelin sensitivity.
  18. DPI Wizard


    Game added Metro Exodus
  19. DPI Wizard


    It was a fix on the beta, but that was only for 1st person. In the release version 1st person doesn't have acceleration anymore.
  20. DPI Wizard


    You have GstInput.MouseSensitivity set to 1 in that calculation. The default value is 40, make sure you either have it set to 1 in the config file, or change it to 40 in the calculator if your config file says 40
  21. DPI Wizard


    Added Javelin aim and zoom! Still huge issues with acceleration and packet loss, but I've got the base sensitivity pretty much spot on. Please report back how the calculations feel (including your sensitivity and DPI) as it might need adjustments because of the acceleration.
  22. DPI Wizard


    It still has issues, but I might be able to add it. Looking into it now.
  23. DPI Wizard


    Updated Anthem calculations.
  24. DPI Wizard


    Is your monitor resolution actually 1280x960?