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  1. Hello, Today I wanted to ask you guys for some help regarding mouse sensitivity. The first mouse shooter game I played when I was younger was CS 1.6, followed by Source, which I played a lot of. Because of this, even to this day I still use the default 3 CSS sensitivity for any and all first-person shooter games. Other info that might help: I am always on 1920x1080 res, with 800 dpi, and my 360 distance is 6.8182 inches. However, I didn't have this website for all the years in between, so for the most part is was either approximate guessing, or trying to use some ratios to calculate it myself. Since using this site, life has been so much easier for sure, but I realized an obvious snag only recently. CS is a game without ADS (aim down sights, also called 'zooming in', or even 'iron sights'), and thus I want to once and for all pick the proper ADS sensitivity for all my FPS games that have that mechanic. The issue I mentioned happened when I used the usual 3 default sens from CS:S to get the sensitivity for Destiny 2. What the calculator tells me is to use 10 look sens and 0.6 ADS modifier, which instantly felt comfortable to use. However, I got COD4 from the Asus promotion and gave that game a whirl, but transferring the sensitivity from CSS and Destiny 2 bring two very different results, and I'm not sure which of the two is correct, or what I should be doing differently with the calculator. With CSS, the 360 distance is the same, and the results are: Sensitivity 1: mouse_sensitivity = "9.99139" Multiplier 1: mouse_ads_yaw_ads_multiplier = "0.75000" But with Destiny 2, the numbers differ greatly, clearly because I can't repeat the same 360 distance. I will be really grateful is someone could help me once and for all understand how to work ADS sensitivity, and have my Hipere & ADS sensitivity consistent for all games! :)
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