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  1. Would it be possible to get the Unreal Engine 4 editor view port added to the calculator? I was hoping that I could use the settings for Unreal Tournament 4 or Fortnite but they do not appear to be consistent with the editor. I am starting to use the engine for Architectural work and do not want to mess up my muscle memory when building scenes and animations. I know it is not a game but would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Obviously this website is all about PC games and mouse sensitivity. I absolutely love this resource and have become a much better player just from having consistency across the competitive games I play. I have friends that are console players with no interest in getting into PC despite the obvious benefits. As I still enjoying playing with them I will frequently use a controller on console. I totally understand that there is no way to get the exact sensitivity between console games due to the large variation in acceleration curves between developers. That being said are there any methods used in determining mouse sensitivity settings that could help reach the lowest possible discrepancy between console games? at the moment I can only make the decision by trying to quickly aim between two points and getting some thing that "feels" ok. This is obviously not scientific at all. Not trying to start an input device argument. I think everyone here can agree mouse and keyboard are the preferred input method. Just trying to find ways to play Fortnite and Black Out on console with the aim feeling as close as possible. If anyone has methods they use to determine this kind of thing or ideas I would greatly appreciate the input. Thanks!
  3. Use the config file and not the in game sliders. You will get a much better result. As a general rule if it is available you should always do this. Many games just do not offer the necessary precision with in game options.
  4. The most recent patch added an FOV slider. Could you please add the ability to change this on the calculator? Thank you!!
  5. The higher your bloodline the better the gear and traits your recruits have a chance to roll. Is there any way we can help you get the information you need for the various scopes? Like recording footage at specific settings? Just throwing it out there but we could also group buy the game on a new steam account and all help grind it out for you.
  6. If you read though this whole thread in Its entirety things will become much more clear. The calculators on this site are extremely accurate. Use the client settings editor in combination with the calculators here and you will be able to get perfect 1 to 1 between your CSGO sensitivity and Fortnite.
  7. 360 distance. I have a Logitech mouse with on board memory coming from amazon today. This should give me more control of the mouse settings when it is attached to the console. I will post if I am able to get better results.
  8. I just wanted to say thank you to the people that run this web site, and those that made the configuration editor for this game. It finally feels perfectly in line with my CSGO sensitivity. I noticed the the configuration editor also can edit my PS4 file. I tried mouse and keyboard on PS4 a while back and it just felt awful, so I immediately stopped to avoid messing up muscle memory. Now that we have this configuration editor I attempted putting in the exact same settings that I use for PC and something still feels very wrong. As if i am at 400 dpi when the mouse is at 800. I am guessing the polling rate of my mouse is not the same when connected to the console. Any thoughts from the experts?
  9. Thank you! I was just reading up on this more and it looks like the real goal of viewspeed is to match 2D mouse movement to 3D mouse aiming. I think in most cases this is not what I am looking for.
  10. Is view speed superior to 360 distance for muscle memory and consistency between games?
  11. Just curious as to why the monitor distance of 75% is more correct than any other percentage. Thanks in advance for an explanation!
  12. that was absolutely it.... thank you for clarifying. I get they are going for simulation but that is a pretty annoying. I really do not like this as it messes with your muscle memory.
  13. Just set tested this conversion out. Iron sight feels good and is very close to what I had determined with my tape measure. obviously this calculation is more precise. Hip fire does feel off to me. It seems to be on the slow side. Is this just my perception due to the game not having a croshair? Perhaps something changed in a recent patch?
  14. I am not 100 percent sure why this is working for me, but i just took a look at my .ini file and found that it has two lines added MouseSensitivity=.00818 MouseSensitivity=0.008180 I am not sure which is working but they are currently both there. As the config file calculator is gone I tuned this using a tape measure and was able to get very close to my CS:GO sensitivity of .822 or a 24.8839" 360. I know it is not perfect as it was done by hand and not a precise formula. Hence why I would like the config file conversion put back up. If I go with the .03 setting suggested by the current calculator my 360 is several inches off. This is expected as it has very high discrepancy but also would make the game unplayable for me as I am not willing to wreck my muscle memory for a game with a terrible in game sensitivity slider. If it would help to post my .ini file let me know. Thank you for your help!
  15. I was just able to manually enter my sensitivity using this tool. It was a little finicky. I needed to load the game, play with the sensitivity slider, quit the game, and then run the tool. It will ask you if you would like to disable mouse smoothing and acceleration as well as enter your sensitivity. It appears to work as I was able to fine tune mine using the traditional tape measure for 360 distance method. The in game slider is nowhere even close to being useful for low sensitivity players. can we please get the config file calculations added back? https://github.com/smt923/fortnite-mouse-accel/blob/master/README.md Thank you!
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