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  1. InBetweenNames

    Hunt: Showdown

    @DPI Wizard Just wanted to let you know that the limits to the sensitivity values in the menu do not apply to the config file. I am able to go well below 0.1 sensitivity for all settings listed by modifying them in the config file only. The menu still lists them as 0.1, but the config file appears unaltered, even after changing some other unrelated settings.
  2. InBetweenNames

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    @DPI Wizard @Skwuruhl I figured out what the vFOV percentage reduction is for Glaz's scope! It's 30% of your vFOV. ACOG, as mentioned before by @Skwuruhl, is 35%. Now of course for reasons already discussed, this means different default FOV values will produce different zoom levels in each scope. I'm assuming that the mouse sensitivity multiplier for Glaz's scope is also 30%, since it seems to be 35% for ACOG (same as the vFOV percentage). A quick (but not thorough) test seems to agree. Using the ACOG setting for viewspeed_v2 to match with hipfire with Glaz's scope makes it feel just a tad too slow, in case this might be good to know. With this in mind, could we update the calculator to include Glaz's scope? Also, I have more findings that show how to exactly align your ACOG, 1x, and hipfire sensitivities using viewspeed_v2. It has to do with finding slider values that allow the calculator to produce very close XFactorAiming values. I have a method which is able to do this for any FOV given, and as proof, I encourage posters to try the following with an FOV of 74: Set XFactorAiming=0.015205 MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit can be anything you want MouseSensitivity can also be anything you want (mine is set to 1, and i do everything in the MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit) Set your DefaultFOV to 74 and do not change it! Now, in game: Set your ADS slider to 100 if you are using a 1x sight (so most defense operators), and 70 if you will be using ACOG. No, you can't exactly align both at the same time, but the slider method allows you to at least adjust at the start of the round. The above method can be adapted readily to any FOV you choose, but you won't be using the same slider values or XFactorAiming value. It must be computed specifically for the DefaultFOV you are using. The above values are ONLY for a DefaultFOV of 74. I will be able to extend this method to include Glaz's scope too once added to the calculator. This makes aiming much, much easier in Siege! So, what do you say @DPI Wizard? Do you think you could add Glaz in for me?
  3. InBetweenNames

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    @DPI Wizard, do you think you could add the Glaz scope setting?
  4. InBetweenNames

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    For reference, I took these screenshots with ACOG and Glaz's scope respectively.
  5. InBetweenNames

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    Love the calculator for Siege -- it works great. Question: any chance we could get a Glaz scope setting? The zoom level of his scope is not the same as it is for ACOG. It is slightly more zoomed in. Thanks!