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  1. Sure i can add some screenshots, fresh install on a new ssd, my fov is set to 90, it could just be because of how zoomed in the FOV is when adsing but i use 100%mm from my csgo sense to pubg and it feels great, perhaps i just need to play more though and get used to it. Edit: I just realized that i didn't have the scope option ticked correctly for monitor distance, i'm used to the older version of the calculator lol
  2. Not sure if it's just me but I use 100% monitor distance and am pretty sure I've set everything up correctly including the fov but the ads sensitivity feels a bit slow and the focus sensitivity feels waaay too slow along with all of the scoped weapons. Could just be me but it certainly feels a bit off/slow besides the movement sensitivity.
  3. I'm curious if I've done this conversion correctly, i personally like using 100% mm, though this was my first time using the new calculator my main goal was to match my siege ads sensitivity (holo/irons) to my cs:go crosshair sensitivity. I was able to get the siege ads fov approximately the exact same vertical and horizontal width/height as csgo's fov according to the calculator by setting my siege fov to 81.93, however inturn that makes my hipfire fov a bit wider than csgo's, which in theory should make my hipfire sensitivity feel off/a bit slower. So i decided to match my hipfire sense at a 100 monitor match based upon my csgo sensitivity and the given fov discrepancies to perhaps give a more natural feel. My ads sensitivity now feels pretty spot on and even matches up 360/cm wise pretty well sense the fov's are the same, my hipfire sensitivity feels decent, not too far off. Though to make a long story short i guess what i'm curious about in a non perfect world is the way i calculated everything optimal given my preferences or might there be a better way to go about it? Such as perhaps just calculating my hipfire sense with a 360 conversion instead of monitor matching it?
  4. Are fov types meant to stay as there respective engines or should i mach them from the game i am attempting to convert my sensitivity from?
  5. I didn't notice that, that sucks, not surprising seeing arma 2's disastrous mouse input.
  6. I just converted my counter strike cm/360 to arma and set my arma 3 fov to 90 in the config files, they have the exact same fov's/fov types but when i move my mouse from one side of my mouse pad to the other in counter strike and then do it in arma they don't seem to match up, my arma sense feels slower in comparison to my counter strike sense, not by much but by enough to notice, I've disabled mouse accel and mouse smoothing in arma. I could be wrong but something doesn't feel correct, i believe the calculation may be slightly incorrect.
  7. I think view speed will work great too, it's basically a "cm/360" calculation that also accounts for fov differences, i was curious and decided to try out viewspeed v2 and it felt pretty good even on my first game, i just really like matching my 360 distances with my ads and hipfire sense, overall the choice comes down to preference.
  8. I've been building up a pretty fast and snappy muscle memory and so far every game i play i always use cm/360 conversions over view speed and monitor matching, i always try and keep my ads fov the exact same as my normal/unscoped. Though even when i can't for example PUBG ads fov is locked to 70, i still match my ads to my general sensitivity, it feels much more natural over other conversion methods after already building pretty solid muscle memory. I am very picky about having my ads and general sensitivities match, i personally would only use monitor matching/viewspeed for zoomed optics, and keep unzoomed optics the same cm/360 as my normal/hipfire sensitivity.
  9. I understand, sorta , i'm horrible at anything that has to do with mathematical calculations, but in this case if you are to match your cm/360 to accommodate for change in fov how exactly would that be done? So far to me that seems to be the controversy.
  10. This is all quite confusing indeed lol, but so far from my experience it seems best to just choose whichever feels most natural and build off of that, there will always be a way to calculate the most optimal settings to optimize learning curves and performance but nothing beats experience. The most confusing part for me currently is understanding how FOV effects the degree of moment on the same cm/360, relatively it doesn't, you still turn the same amount of degrees with the same cm/360 with an fov of 90 as you would on an fov of 70, but it feels faster. I'd suppose thats because the difference in pixel density causing you to perceive your degree of movement as faster, which becomes much more drastic per reduction of total field of view. So far i think depending on the drasticity of FOV reduction it's may be best to keep the same cm/360 with unzoomed optics even when they change total fov while aiming. (In pubgs case ADS with red dot/iron sights/holosight is locked to 70 even though they are unzoomed optics.) I've just started delving into this topic last night so excuse me if im totally wrong with my assumptions .
  11. My goal isn't to make my csgo ads sensitivity the same as my pubg ads sensitivity for 1x sites(red dot/holo), I want my holosight/ironsight/red dot ads sensitivity to be the same as my crosshair sensitivity in csgo i guess i would say to word my goal in a more correct fashion.
  12. In cs my zoom sensitivity is set to 0.818933027098955175, but that isn't my focus, my goal with pubg is to get my ads and general sensitivity to be the exact same or in other words a 1:1 ratio matching my cs:go sensitivity. Or for my ads sensitivity to feel the exact same as my csgo sensitivity i suppose (for 1x sights.), but how that is done seems to be vary controversial. I suppose the only way i could do that concisely is if Bluehole would just add a fov slider for the ads fov so i could match my ads fov to be the same as my fpp fov.
  13. I'm extremely new to this topic but in essences wouldn't a perceived viewpoint, (here i believe we are talking about sensitivity relative to fov?), differentiate between each persons matter of perception as not everyone perceives exactly the same? For example with ingame sensitivities there is no "perfect sensitivity", only standards through which have been deemed most suitable for optimal performance. Perhaps what I've wrote out is maybe a bit cliche or rhetorical, but i'm curious as to what exactly the goal in mind here is.
  14. I didn't notice the FOV type i figured that was just based on the game engine, i'll keep that into account aswell, thanks. Also i would prefer my ads and hipfire sensitivities to match perfectly 1:1, that's why i was using 360 distance, but i'm still not quite sure how all of these calculations work yet.
  15. Would that be because of the FOV difference when adsing? Also i found a way around the discrepancy by using the alternative config sensitivity settings. (config file 2) incase anybody runs into the same small hiccup that i did.
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