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  1. Thanks for clarifying, so i'll have setup my fov to 102.3127 in the calculator and try again. Anyway yeah now that's clear, Initially I used ADS for the calculations and i was feeling really weird with my aim.
  2. For the holo calculation should I use the in-game value of my fov (104), or first i have to convert my config fov (cl_fovScale "1.46161") and use the value I get? (85 fov). Also it's sure that 1x is "Holo" and not ADS? @DPI Wizard sorry for tagging but i see there is a bit of confusion in this thread
  3. I think you didn't get my point. I was wondering why disabling USA on bf4 creates such low values. If I convert my battlefield 4 settings with USA off to bf1, I get 80 cm+ /360 (red dot, 1x) If I do the exact opposite, which means converting my bf1 settings with USA off to bf4, I get 50cm /360 (1,25x) That's weird. The fov and magnification are kinda the same, so I was wondering why.
  4. Yeah, calculations might be right cause when i turn usa off on bf4 it actually feels much slower even on low magnification (red dot sight), but I am not sure values are right, seems a bit weird for me, maybe it's just me. https://i.imgur.com/vYg6I0R.png https://i.imgur.com/PbMutHu.png
  5. If you convert bf1 no USA to bf1 usa the difference is super small (low magnification)l. If you do the same on bf4 calculations you get a 25cm difference, it's weird. I did nothing, I was just trying to convert my bf4 sens (no uniform soldier aiming) to bf1 sens with uniform aiming on.
  6. Anyway, I was looking to my BF4 settings. Anyone can explain that? Why such difference when I turn uniform aiming off? on BF1 sensitivity barely changes at low zoom. https://i.imgur.com/cWqSDXd.png
  7. Yea I completely agree with that. They just use what "feels good". Actually I can perform extremely well but only under the right conditions. When I started playing CSGO I managed to find my sensitivity easily, I remember I didn't even know any advanced stuff or strategy about the game at the time, but still I managed to get global just cause my aiming was way better than the other people. Reaction time is everything, and the "first shot" is the most important in my opinion and I agree with that as well. In games like Battlefield it's not even that important considering the enemies are often kinda bad honestly, in skilled games first shot is crucial.
  8. Yeah, I agree. The only reason why I started doubting my settings is cause Battlefield 1 felt weird from the beginning for some reason. I think I didn't even use USA in BF4 in the beginning, and I was doing just fine. I checked some old battlereports https://i.imgur.com/gH4jbaI.png Probably it's because BF1 maps are shaped differently and considering how aggressive I play, I get many close range fights and aiming with a sniper some close targets on low sens might feel uncomfortable. The problem can't be solved, so probably the best thing to do is to stick with my settings and improve my own movements when I play, also I should start using use lower magnification on snipers depending on map/playstyle, I just like to shoot on high zoomed targets but it isn't always a good thing. Sitting further away from the monitor and adjusting is something I will try for sure, thanks for the tip.
  9. The problem is that I use 70% ads sensitivity to get my sensitivity low enough with 1x and 1,25x magnification scopes. With 70 ads sensitivty using 0% coefficient makes the higher zoom scopes extremely slow, I tried 0% MM with 100% ads sens and aiming feels nice (still a bit slow), but I just can't ruin my assault rifles aiming to be able to play snipers. I am kinda forced to use high coefficient. I have this problem since the uniform soldier aiming came out, didn't find a solution yet. I am not sure what the optimal choice is, and I am not sure I want to learn a new sensitivity and I don't want to ruin my muscle memory either since I use the same settings since years.
  10. I will test both 133% and 177%, with lower magnification scopes as well. I realized 0% is not an option for me since it's too slow, I already have around 60cm/360 (1,25x) with 133 coefficient, with higher zoom scopes it would be more noticeable as well. I believe 0% might work well when someone doesn't have already a low sensitivity.
  11. No benefits at all imo, I never believed in aim trainers either (2d/3d). The only way to really train is to play the game in my opinion. Playing the game for years made me good, I never felt the need to train in any other way.
  12. Yea all of these have huge downsides, not worth it, guess i'll just get used to move more my arm while checking spots on high magnifications, not that big of a deal
  13. Just tested it, tracking feels nice but when I go to higher and higher magnifications navigating with the crosshair feels slow, considering I play with 90 Fov. As csgo player I always navigate a lot with the crosshair and check every spot, and I can do that easily with low sensitivity and low magnifications, when I use higher magnifications tho I can't do it consistently since it feels slow and uncomfortable to check spots quickly and smoothly, and that's basically my issue, as you said I probably just need to use lower magnification, I guess there is no solution that allows me to get higher sens only on high magnifications without ruining my close range aiming and muscle memory.
  14. I agree about the coefficient usage, that's why I didn't change it, but I wanted to do this "test" and it surprised me how well I was performing with 177% coefficient. Probably I should have used a lower magnification, that's true, but it's also true that hitting a bigger target is easier and for some reason considering how aggressive I play it ended working out very well for many games, and I had no problems adapting to the new sensitivity, I didn't expect that and I even considered switching coefficient, but I didn't want to ruin my muscle memory, that's the reason of my post basically Probably I should simply adjust my fov a bit and use lower magnification, I guess
  15. Hello, recently I came back to Battlefield 1 since the new title will come out soon, I was trying to solve a problem that I always had since the USA option came out, basically my ADS from 1x to 4x magnifiers feels perfect for me, I use it since years, but when I play snipers with 6x and 8x, I feel they are really too slow with USA on at 133% coefficient. This is my current settings, playing infantry feels perfect but sniping doesn't https://i.imgur.com/bTf1fPm.png I tried to convert my AWP sens from CSGO and I increased my coefficient to match the viewspeed calculation since I don't want to change my ADS sensitivity (it would ruin my infantry sensitivity) at 177% coefficient sniping felt so good for me, but I don't want to use a bad settings or risk to ruin my muscle memory since I took years to develop it. https://i.imgur.com/ma2wakH.png What you guys suggest to do in my case?
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