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  1. wow!谢谢大佬!不过v2好想不用选择match at。
  2. Hello everyone, I tried to read the explanation of the two rules, but to tell the truth, I can't see clearly what I said. So if I assume that the v2 rule is perfect, I also believe it, at least for now. So for example, I need to figure out how fast the csgo awp is twice as fast as the v2 rule: So I just need to fill ‘zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse 0.987533’ into the game. I can get the speed of the perfect v2 rule at awp 1x? For another example, if I sync awp2x of csgo to another game (BS): Because csgo's sniper magnifies the distance one time is not very large. The BS game is very far from sniping and zooming. I don't know how to describe it. It's that the zoom factor of sniping is not the same. So is my choice correct? There is also a problem. If Monitor Distance is selected, what does ‘Match At’ mean?
  3. Game requests

    Did you mean that this game mouse is moving weird? I analyzed this game, in fact, this game can only better support "128 Mouse rate of return". Once I use most of the mouse 1000 Mouse rate of return, move is very strange.
  4. How can I get "COUPON CODE"? I want buy 1 x Lifetime membership
  5. Hello, everyone, I really like this kind of website, it is very convenient to switch the sensitivity between different games. I support the website, but because I don't have so much money, I want to know if this lifetime qualification has been discounted? So I can wait for the discount to buy it.