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  1. VyelOne

    Apex Legends

    A lot of people seem to be very confused about what 1.0 zoom (1:1 hip-fire) sensitivity means in different games. 4:3 based Source Engine games use 1.0 zoom at 75% monitor match, or a 1.33 coefficient. Translated to Overwatch's Widowmaker Scoped sensitivity, this would be 43.67. The reason why some of the Overwatch Pros use 44, is because they're from CS, and 44 is equal to one click on an AWP. Their value should be changed to 43.67 after the decimal update, but most pros know very little about this stuff, and they can adjust. If they went back to CS however, they would whiff head shots until they re-adjusted. If you are not from Counter-Strike or Quake, then 1.0 will feel too fast. You won't be used to it. If you are from Call of Duty or Battlefield and used to USA, you need to convert your scopes using 0% match. This equates to 37.89 Widowmaker, and is 1:1 hip-fire in those games. Your 1:1 is entirely dependent on what scoped sensitivity you are looking to preserve in the new game. Use what YOU are used to.
  2. VyelOne

    Apex Legends

    Yes, the calculator tells you that your cm/360 of 28.8636 is identical. mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_0 "0.999976" You can find the FOV setting in the config file at this location: C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\profile\profille.cfg The config file values will override your in game settings.
  3. VyelOne

    Apex Legends

    The FOV's on the sights are different. This is why they have different scalars in the config. They just haven't enabled them yet. It was mentioned earlier, and it's what I do in these situations. I would recommend averaging all of the values for the different scopes.
  4. VyelOne

    Apex Legends

    I had updated the gpu driver and it defaulted Nvidia control panel settings.
  5. VyelOne

    Apex Legends

    Yes, I think their toggle is broken for accel as well. I was thinking of downloading povohat's driver and using the command line exe in game to see if it detects any acceleration. I don't know if it only detects the driver's accel though?
  6. VyelOne

    Apex Legends

    Casuals don't seek this level of precision. The depth of these calculations are only truly needed for the preservation of head shot aim across varying scope and ADS FOV's and developer sensitivity scales. Coding this game in the Source engine took that headache away for everyone except the Fortnite and Overwatch kids who've never played CS or Quake. If you can only body shot, three digits will suffice. You probably wouldn't even realize that it was off.
  7. VyelOne

    Apex Legends

    I personally use view speed for scopes. But for the precise matches - 1.33 is 75% match (CS, BF). 0% is COD, OW, etc. It depends on what you are used to really. The video covers it pretty well. Edit, I thought bf was 0% for some reason, it's 75%, so 1.33 is correct for 1:1