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  1. TELSA

    Apex Legends

  2. viewspeed v2 is best now im using it
  3. I had to two conversion. overwatch(fov103 hipfire)->PUBG(fov80-hipfire viewspeed) -> PUBG(scope - MD vs viewspeed) then in PUBG, the viewspeed of all scope almost matched.(MD70.6%) as you said, in insurgency sandstorm, the viewspeed of hipfire doesn't match each scope(each scope base fov is different) gave up something method and I will use all scope MD0% thank you and have nice day skidushe
  4. IF viewspeed ==MD70% hipfire=viewspeed 2x scope = MD35% || (viewspeed md 70/(hipfire actual fov 80/ 2X actual fov 40))=35% 3x scope =MD23% 4x scope =MD17.5% 8x scope =MD8.75% 15x scope=MD4.67% . . my scope settings make sense or not? and what's ur settings? #if my topic is in wrong space, please move my topic
  5. TELSA

    Battlefield V

    nice work %^^
  6. TELSA

    about premium time

    store -> Manage Purchases
  7. TELSA

    HI im join now

    i really want improved calc so i buy lifetime membership im playing overwatch, pubg and thank your work