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  1. Hello @Skwuruhl would it be possible for you to make a similar mod for cod2 ?
  2. I've read that thread countless of times.. but never really watched the vids. Thanks
  3. Going beyond 1600 cpi with an inferior sensor, is known to produce interpolation.
  4. Interesting, is there a video that explains it clearly ? The difference between low cpi + high in game sens vs high dpi low in game sens that is.
  5. Could you please elaborate on this ? What's the "maximum" dpi you will go by ?
  6. I'm not very good at expressing myself either. His sensitivity being generally higher than yours isn't cuz of playing stretched or not. Try using 1.366667/ 1600 on 16:9 and you should have his "aim feel".
  7. To match the "feel" he has, you should use instead 1.366667/ 1600 dpi on your 16:9 res.
  8. Use 0.9 @ 1600DPI to make it feel right on a 4:3 ar. His sensitivity feels faster cuz its actually faster than yours.. at about 1 - 1600 dpi.
  9. I was comparing black bars to stretched, I wasn't talking about cm/ 360. The sensitivity doesn't change and it won't change unless you modify your yaw/ pitch values. It appears to be faster due to the stretch in pixels. If you could draw a circle on a 16:9 res, the same motion would make it look oval on 4:3, does your sensitivity change ? no;. If you want to convert from 16:9 to 4:3 use 0% mm that way it will feel right. If he plays 4:3 his FOV would be 73.7398. stretch that on a 16:9 monitor.. its still 73.7398.
  10. The FOV is still 90 (4:3) isn't it ? Is just stretched to cover up your aspect ratio.
  11. I don't know how true it is, but some claim that not playing in your native res, will cause input lag as the image needs to be re-rendered in a different res/ aspect ratio then that of your desktop.
  12. That's false. Sensitivity is unchanged, only the pixels "stretch" since the FOV remains the same. It "feels" faster cuz it makes everything look wider.
  13. Weird then, thought you had something close to 50cm, my bad. Good to hear that. Keep playin with your left hand
  14. I see, so you halved it since the last time I know. How's your hand ?
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