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  1. MuntyYy

    Surround Sound Headset

    Try hd598
  2. Its correct, but God damn ! that fov is low
  3. Viewspeed, initially might feel better, but for building muscle memory and consistency stick with 00%
  4. @Duszolap You are not supposed to take any average, you either play with 00% or not. There is no such thing as "perfect setting", pick a sensitivity that feels manageable for you and practice with it.
  5. That's precisely it but since there's no way avoiding the distortion you should stick with 00%mm. Drimzi is able to track targets precisely at 4cm/ 360 - 160+ FOV.
  6. Try playing with 140+ fov converted by 360.
  7. You need to get used to it.. that's all. Versatility is key.
  8. That's a big downside if you ask me. 360 is outdated, viewspeed and 0% mm are the methods that still work. You should incline towards the later as its the only independent one.
  9. MuntyYy

    Have I been using the tool right?

    Take the FOV "change" as if you were to aim down the sights. Would you want the same 360 ? Probably not ! Keep your aim consistent @kelvinator and convert everything via 00% method.
  10. You do realize that those guys can play with any sensitivity, right ? Shroud played cs:go with about 50 cm if im not mistaken, look what he does now in pubg with nearly half of that. The games play entirely different, but versatility, dedication, practice and game sense is what differentiate pro players from the regular folks. The secret of their success is not about what sensitivity they use in game "x". Develop a decent enough muscle memory and you'll understand the crap I am talking about.
  11. The sweetspot of tracking vs flicking lies somewhere between 25 - 40 cm. Anything lower than that will make you wish to be more accurate, or higher than 40 will do the opposite therefore you will keep changing it thinking there must be something "wrong". But each and everyone of us, have their own preferences and can improve ( give the right conversion method ) with any sensitivity.
  12. Games will eventually force you to learn "new sensitivities" take for example the AUG in CS:GO. If you play with it often, depending of the conversion method chosen you will either learn and improve consistently or just be fooled that you do better with x% monitor match/ viewspeed.
  13. I understood what you guys want. I just stated this - Theres no such thing as choosing the right "sensitivity" nothing will feel right if you keep changing it. So instead, keep your current one and improve at it, waste no more time in finding unicorns.
  14. MuntyYy

    Have I been using the tool right?

    Can't beat 90 FOV @4:3 Call of duty 4 - Promod. Its a competitive mod of the base game.
  15. Your base sensitivity can be anything between 7 cm up to 120 conversion is necessary unless you play cs go without adsing