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  1. I strongly incline to what you stated above. Let your brain accommodate and account for changes, in order to be consistent across multiple games/ settings versatility is the key. If I can do it, everyone can as well. Playing only with one type of FOV and projection will hinder you in the "long run". And I'm not even talking about monitor sizes. In a 3d environment 9 cm of movement result in the same distance across all sizes of LCD's ( assuming they have the same ar )
  2. Distortion will always be present and no matter how much we try to come up with different formulas or projections to "bypass" it, won't work. We just need to embrace it, let our brains and eyes account for it and make real time adjustments in game. With a lot of practice and dedication anyone can do it no matter the conversion method ( v1,v2, 00, 56, 69.696969, 100 ). To simplify what I've said, distortion is not a factor that decides how our brain perceives FOV change across the game engine, but rather is subconsciously accounted for with practice. ( same goes for stretched resolutions and different aspect ratios ) A pro might play 30 completely different fps games, yet with hours of dedication in each of them, he achieves the "impossible". How ? if there's distortion, different recoil patterns, different movements and FOVs, if he doesn't use 00% mm ( the nr.1 method used atm ) ?
  3. This Of course its twitchy, your arms wobble like you've got dem parkinsons, put that weapon on a bipod and the twitchy effect is almost gone. But then, IRL when you are squiring the target your arm moves in relation to your body, to your shoulder. What you see through the scope is not controlled by your eyes, therefore matching the real sensation to what you see in a game is unreasonable to ask/ want. Yes, but in real life, you ain't gonna 8X scope targets at 20-30 meters away. In a game you might. That's the reason 00% mm doesn't feel right. It would've feel and probably made sense to use, only if the targets were at the exact distance in relation to the scopes you use.
  4. I see, well if that works for you... I totally agree. Just wanted to make sure its clear for everyone. Thank you for the answers.
  5. If I really wanna impress and sweat like a piglet, then I put that monitor in my eyeballs. 20-25 cm. 60-70cm its a comfortable position your eyes and brains will thank you.
  6. @WhoCares? A little word of advice, for you. Be more concerned of your mouse sensor, how heavy it is, if it fits well in your hand also the LOD ( lift of distance ) is VERY important, especially if you play with a low sensitivity. Your grip could also influence the pace you play at and if you able to be/or not consistent for prolonged sessions of gaming.
  7. I can't really give an accurate answer, as I change my posture very often. And honestly it doesn't matter for me ( my overall accuracy and reaction time is pretty much the same ). I can stay up close ( 20-25 cm ) if needed, or at 60-70 I guess ? when I play casually. My screen is 21.5 inches - but this again, doesn't matter in my case, as I stay away from 00%
  8. Also, I want to add one more thing, in relation to how far/close you stay from your monitor. When staying closer you become more aware of movement, your tracking and reactions should theoretically feel faster and more precise than if you would stay further back. I can't seem to find the article that explains it thoroughly , but I will keep you guys posted. Edit: Not the site I'm looking for, but a good read nonetheless.
  9. You are correct, if one's sensitivity changes based on a 3 cm change in distance from hes/her monitor, then most surely something else its at fault. Keep your sensitivity constant, and practice, practice,. practice. You will need more than a couple of hours to master it. From a few months to actual years. That's irrelevant in a 3d world, if you keep the same aspect ratio. I, however have a personal question to you, @DNAMTE . Which conversion method do you use or think should be the best for improving muscle memory ? I'm curious, as I played for almost 8 years with 00% mm across FOVs, then took a long break and since a year or so I''m on 100% mm. I am aware that is highly debatable and personal, but I just feel that 00% mm works better than 100% only in 2d - 3d ( duh ! ) conversions and IF the actual target is exactly or very close to 2x times further away from you whilst adsing with a 2x scope. Have a productive day, Munty
  10. You will have 10 more HFOV when going from 4:3 to 16:10. So, your sensitivity will feel slower ( at smaller degrees of movement ) if you keep it at 2.5. But a 360 turn will take the exact amount of distance on your pad.
  11. I would advice against it. Your sensitivity will change if its affected by FOV
  12. You want to play stretched ?
  13. MuntyYy

    Pubg has new sensitivity settings

    Its entirely up to you. Try mm 00%, if it's too slow go for viewspeed v2. I personally use 100%.
  14. MuntyYy

    Hi Question

    Try this sensitivity 0.675699
  15. MuntyYy

    Hi Question

    Calculate it for ADS FOV on, not OFF