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  1. eXecut1on


    Is there any way to make vertical 1:1 to horizontal sens? I just got a key and started downloading the game
  2. eXecut1on


    I'm just confused how the Viewspeed is the same between Hipfire and ADS, considering the cm/360° is identical, the center of the rotation is the character and the visibility relative to hipfire is reduced. Having 1.0 Targeting feels significantly faster to me, I don't know if it's just placebo.
  3. eXecut1on


    I keep reading that ADS has the same FoV as Hipfire and I don't understand how that's possible since it's zooming in. Can anyone explain?
  4. Hello, I'm using 5:4 1280:1024 in Fortnite which is 80 HFOV and 67.75 VFOV according to the calculator. I'm trying to match Aimtastic and Reflex to the same Resolution and FOV. It says that Aimtastic has the same FOV settings but ingame it sets my vertical FOV to 64 when I set the horizontal FOV to 80. In Reflex the Actual HFOV is 80 with r_fov 83.66. What exactly does that mean? It rounds the FOV from 83.66 to 84 so I guess there will be some discrepancy but I don't know whether I should use 80 or 84 config FOV. Im prioritizing the HFOV to be the same even if VFOV isn't 1:1 accurate so should I go for 84? Is the calculator trying to match the VFOV, hence the difference between config FOV and actual HFOV?
  5. The issue is still there, the PvE sens is vastly different from the BR one (like 10-20% lower)
  6. eXecut1on


    I have the same thing, I thought I'm just going crazy. Do you happen to use a 2nd monitor?
  7. eXecut1on


    post can be deleted
  8. eXecut1on


    What is the difference between downscaling your x axis to match your y and upscaling your y to match your x? Does the game use m_yaw and m_pitch? Is there any rounding done when calculating the sens?