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  1. I don't have premium so I can't use Monitor match, sorry. Does that mean I can only use 360 Distance?
  2. If you don't want to read the entire thing, then you can skip to the red coloured text as those are my questions. These images show what I have entered in the input boxes. Below these images are my configs for the two games coloured in green. If there's something I entered wrongly, please correct me! Converting hipfire sensitivity: Converting Team Fortress Classic sniper zoomed to CSGO Zoomed 1x: Okay so I'm quite confused on what I should do. Let me start with a simple question for CSGO. I've searched around and I'm not sure what I should input for FOV as some people said that 1920x1080 16:9 fov is 90 while some say it is 106.26. My native resolution is 1920x1080, same for CSGO fullscreen mode. CSGO configs: -Fullscreen 1920x1080 16:9 -Sensitivity to be calculated but right now at 2.8 -zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse to be calculated but right now at 1 -m_rawinput 1 -m_customaccel 0 -fov_cs_debug 0 (console shows 0, not 90) -m_yaw 0.022 -Should I choose Hdeg 4:3, Hdeg Res or Vdeg? -What do I put in the FOV input box? 90 or 106.26? (in console, fov_cs_debug is 0) Team Fortress Classic on the other hand, uses GoldSrc and can be closely related to Half-Life 1 or CS 1.6. I'm not sure about Day of Defeat though... Team Fortress Classic configs: -Fullscreen 1920x1080 16:9 -sensitivity 2.8 -zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1 -fov 0 (console gives output 0 upon entering "fov") -********default_fov 120********** -m_yaw 0.022 Notice I highlighted default_fov 120. I tried testing it out in the game and I realised that fov and default fov seem to affect one another. For e.g. (keeping sensitivity at 2.8 constant) if default_fov 150, fov 120, my fov APPEARS 120 but my sensitivity feels very very slow. if default_fov 10, fov 120, my fov APPEARS 120 but my sensitivity feels very very fast. However, I realised that default_fov is what affects the sensitivity and fov is what affects the visual FOV i.e the fov of what my eyes see on the screen. Also, when my default_fov is 150 and my fov is 0, it seems to show the actual visual FOV of 150 (sensitivity feels slow) and when default_fov is 10 and fov is still 0, it will show the actual visual FOV of 10 (sensitivity feels fast) But here's the thing: -I'm not sure if the default_fov in the converter from TFC to CSGO is set to a fixed 90, or whether it is free to change via the fov input box. -Is the FOV input box suppose to correspond to the "fov" command? or "default_fov" command? (my "default_fov" is 120 and "fov" is 0) Now, to convert for the zoom. Like I said before, "fov" is what shows the visual FOV and not "default_fov". Since the converter did not account for the fov when zooming in, I went to find it out myself and apparently, when zoomed in, default_fov remains at my 120, but entering "fov" in console gives an output of "20". I said before that I'm not sure whether the fov input box in this converter corresponds to "default_fov" or "fov" so I just put in the value of "20" The given result was: Sensitivity 1: sensitivity "3.261131" Multiplier 1: zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "0.323407" 360° distance: 87.274 inches Discrepancy: 0.0001% (0.0001 inches) Config FOV: fov_cs_debug 90 Actual VFOV: 30.54 degrees Actual HFOV: 51.77 degrees -But that's kinda weird because my zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse is so low? What I had was 1! So, what's wrong? -And here's the question again: When zoomed in(Team Fortress Classic sniper weapon), if my default_fov is 120 and fov is 20, do I enter 20 or 120 in the fov input box? I'm sorry if this post is really long and I thank you for taking your time to read. I hope someone can enlighten me on what I should do for an accurate conversion.
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