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  1. I just try 1.87 sensitivity from 180° turn now also config reset
  2. at mouse sensitivity 3.74 on 34cm mousespeed I can make a whole 360° turn. But thatas not the mousespeed I play, do you need that for calculation?
  3. I'm using zowie fk1+. I can flick really good @400 dpi, but I cant follow other enemies (W-A-S-D movement)always miss hitting or I kill them randomly through good fov positioning and just waiting for them run into it. Actually I testing 1600Dpi with 3 WPS, do I need to run new MarkC fix for new windows sensitivity?
  4. Hello, I've perfect mouse sense on windows 10 @6/400dpi perfectly smooth, get every thing instant clicked I play a lot CS:GO but I can not find my perfect mouse sensitivity, its not that smooth and it doesnt matter if I use sensitivity of 2.0 or 3.0, just a matter of how hard I try and some sort of randomness in my aim I've used MarkCfix, thats good? Is there anything I can use to find a good mouse sense for me? kind regards
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