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  1. Falcon

    Apex Legends

    Ok gotcha, I thought I enter the correct FoV first and when I click the Aim option "Hipfire (Config File FOV)" that it would show/translate the cl_fovscale value in the calculation field as an extra field, so I interpreted it wrong 😅
  2. Falcon

    Apex Legends

    @DPI Wizard I think the new added feature: Hipfire (Config File FOV) is not showing the correct value as I asked this before and than you said the value was: cl_fovScale "1.194" (Change bo4 Fov 100 to same fov for apex) First I set everything correct and enter 83.58 Fov Hipfire 4:3 and change the Aim option to "Hipfire (Config File FOV) and at that point the FoV value changes as the Config FOV value.
  3. Falcon

    Apex Legends

    Could someone tell me what the correct FoV and cl_fovScale value in Apex is if my FoV in Black ops 4 is 100 Is the correct cl_fovScale for this: 1.1964(100/83.58) or 1.17875(when you enter 83.5 in game) Also am i doing this correct with convert my sens from Black ops 4 to Apex? Hipfire ADS Thank you in advance!
  4. Falcon


    Dev's have confirmed here that editing your .ini file for FoV will not ban you >
  5. You can try this application, that will let you do a 360 or other stuff in game.
  6. Falcon

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Yeah I did some changes and the values got back to where they use to be(@d80 separated with the 4205 in the middle) and my aim feels a lot better. I guess the file/hex values got messed up somehow.
  7. Falcon

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Could it be that the HEX values for the sensitivity could have been moved to a different position/value than before the update. it used to be a 0000d80 -Line 217 - col 6. Normally the horizontal and vertical would be separated by 42 05 but I don't see that in my file anymore. In the screenshot I marked the 42 05 somewhere else But don't if the 3 same values I also marked mean something related to the sensitivity. Since the update my aim feels off so I was wondering if the above maybe was causing it?
  8. Falcon

    Game requests

    Wow, you actually are a real wizard aren't you? I looked up that .iw7 files are related to the Tarma Installmate application, but I was still unsuccesfull in opening them. Thanks for your help aswell, I think 1.80 could be right, my aim is atleast a bit better now and it also seems that your sens is tied to your fps so made sure my fps is stable. Proof: screenshot of a good game
  9. Falcon

    Game requests

    Thank you for this. Do you know how you could calculate your IW sens from a black ops 3 sensitivity( 1.80 in game sens and 800 dpi)
  10. Falcon

    Game requests

    Kind request to add Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Remastered version if possible. I will check if the remastered version is similar to CoD 4.
  11. Falcon

    Titanfall 2

    On this reddit post someone asked the following: any plans for a way to seperately configure aimed/ADS sensitivity? A dev responded to it that it is in the works, so that is nice. https://www.reddit.com/r/titanfall/comments/59p9pj/pc_optimization_is_great_thank_you_respawn/d9alo5s/