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  1. 1.0 for monitor distance match at 0%. 1.245 for 1:1 360/cm match for 1x scope/pistols/smgs/shottys 1.39 for 1:1 360/cm match with lr/sniper/assault rifle ads without a scope. Pick your poison. I just went with 1.245 since I use 1x scope the most anyways. I would have loved it though if we can set for each magnification so that I can mm 0% all other scopes aside the 1x.
  2. Tried monitor matching at 0% (hipfire) to convert from OW to fortnite and it feels so slow but I think I aim better (might be placebo)? Should I just suck it up and re-learn my aim?
  3. Tried inputting 1440x1080 as the second game but it outputs the same sensitivity.
  4. Does my sensitivity change if I go from 1920x1080 to 1440x1080?
  5. So, from fortnite to overwatch I should just set everything to monitor distance - horizontal 0% even with hipfire?
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