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  1. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    Far cry 2 please if its possible.
  2. Pyroxia

    Quake Champions

    I choose config file option but calculator gives me not enough number if I set calculator's settings in config file game show my sensitivity 2.938 @DPI Wizard
  3. Pyroxia


    Thank you wizard.
  4. Pyroxia

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    I heard all cod games using %0MM deafult is it true? if its true what other games using %0 default ?
  5. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    McOsu FPS and normal mode if its possible thanks.
  6. thanks for comment I'm playing kovaaks aim trainer 1h/per day and I agree you I need so many years for build muscle memory. My skills improved with mouse-sensitivity calculator I want to say thanks for awesome job @DPI Wizard.
  7. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    Spellbreak please game looks awesome
  8. Ok guys I started playing with my new sens 23 day ago. I'm training my aim every day in KovaaK's aim trainer and in cs.go training maps. I'm using %0 monitor distance for everything. Sometimes I'm playing extremely good(for me) but mostly I'm really terrible. Currently I'm MG2 in cs go and I'm fragging 14 15 kills one game. Before when I was a nova I'm fragging 30-35 very easily at every game. Somedays I beat my last score on KovaaK's aim trainer. There is 2 option for me I'm really bad or I cant notice my progress. I'm playing this settings since 200-220 hours is it short to develop muscle memory or I'm unskilled? Sometimes I play like this that's enough for me but mostly I'm bad now.
  9. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    @DPI Wizard Can you add KovaaK's Aim Trainer ? I know game has own calculator but I'm only trust mouse-sensitivity.com little numbers so important for me.
  10. Pyroxia

    is my sens 3.317850 or 3.32

    Thanks for answer.
  11. I'm converting my battlefield 4 sens to CS.GO with using mm%0 and calculator gives me this value 3.317850 I set my sensitivity in cs go console but it shows in settings mouse sensitivity 3.32 am I using 3.32 or calculated value? I'm asking this cuz I train my aim in kovaaks aim trainer with my calculated sensitivity.
  12. Pyroxia

    Aim Hero

    I'm playing kovaaks aim trainer with my cs go sens and it feels natural but in aimhero it feels so fast and inaccurate maybe something wrong in calculator.
  13. Pyroxia

    unresponsive aim in BO4

    I think %75 coefficient same as %75 ADS sens
  14. Thanks for the answer.
  15. I'm playing 1920x1080 with 24" monitor every game. I'm using 74 fov in battlefield 4 and I'm converting my sensitivity to CS.GO I saw so many people using 1920x1080 but using 4:3 fov type. is it correct or I need to select different fov type?