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  1. I'm playing so many different fps games. Mostly Im sniping but all game has so different scope fovs. I convert everything with %0mm. So here is the question. Am I train for different fovs? technically is it possible?
  2. Hello I have a question. I'm using 20/9 WPS in desktop. If I play any game with raw input is it make my wps 6/11 or my WPS stays same for selecting something with my cursor?
  3. Pyroxia

    What cm/360 is OK!

    thanks for answers
  4. Pyroxia

    Apex Legends

    ah ok thank you wizard
  5. Pyroxia

    Apex Legends

    is it possible to adjust my Hfov 106.52 in config file? (90.27)
  6. Pyroxia

    What cm/360 is OK!

    I played 3 months with 34.5 cm/360 with %0 MM everything. 2 days ago I changed my cm/360 28.5. mostly I'm playing counter strike/battlefıeld/call of duty is it so high for theese games?
  7. Pyroxia

    Apex Legends

    Thanks @DPI Wizard is it possible to add config file settings?
  8. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    Can you add Bright Memory please.
  9. Thanks for the information drimzi. I have 24" monitor currently I'm using my bf4 sens to convert everygame with %0mm. My windows sens not same but close (wps 9/20) what do u prefer? am I need to convert my windows sens everygame for more precision? Sorry for bad english.
  10. Pyroxia

    Vertical Sync vs FPS Limit

    I got my answers guys. I prefer use unlimited fps.
  11. Hello I have a question. I hate vertical sync because it does input lag. I want to know did FPS limit works like a vsync or different system vithout input lag?
  12. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    I saw now lol. Thanks
  13. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    can you add The mean greens-plastic warfare please.
  14. Pyroxia

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Can I set my fov 106.52 correctly in config file ?