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  1. I'm playing 1920x1080 with 24" monitor every game. I'm using 74 fov in battlefield 4 and I'm converting my sensitivity to CS.GO I saw so many people using 1920x1080 but using 4:3 fov type. is it correct or I need to select different fov type?
  2. My WPS sens is much more close 9 but I can only set 6/11 5/11 etc. how can I set my sens 9?
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    Game requests

    Oh thats awesome
  4. Pyroxia

    Game requests

    @DPI Wizard Hey wizard. World War 3 Test Phase 5 starts today did you get the key ?
  5. I have one more question I'm using USA with 133 coefficient in bf4 this means I cant use %0mm for my scope and ads. only monitor distance vertical %133 works correctly and I'm matching my bf4 sens for every game. I want to know this option is good or bad?
  6. Hello I tried %0MM hipfire today cs go to quake champions and it feels me much more accurate but I dont know how I dont know what is the best for my muscle memory 360 or %0MM because %0MM gave me different inches different games mostly I'm trying to same my fov every game %0MM or 360 what is really best for muscle memory?
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    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Agreed scopes feels very slow.
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    Multi-calculations are here!

    thank you bro
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    Multi-calculations are here!

    I'm using USA in bf4 and all sliders %100 but all option give me this calculations.
  10. oh this means 45 is the correct one.
  11. I'm converting my bf4 ads and scoping sens r6 siege with %0 Monitor distance and I select "all" and all/w ACOG. Calcutor says my ACOG sens is 45 but if I tried convert my FLIR sens to R6 ACOG calculator says 56 What is true My ACOG sens 45 or 56? NOTE: I'm using USA in BF4
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    Game requests

    Thank you bro we are waiting ads and scopes ❤️
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    Game requests

    thank you bro.