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  1. Also I went back to 800 dpi today cause this sens was arm aiming, but I didn't really think about it, I was looking at the ease of precision, so my point is stay wrist
  2. I went from 2600 dpi with ridicilous values ingame + mouse accelaration to 800 dpi and then to 400 which is what I'm using now, browsing on 800 is perfect, you will love it after a few days, I know it's preference, but it's browsing, it's not as important as in games, 400 dpi is a bit too slow, but I got used to it, you have more feel to the weapons with lower sens, much more "aimlock" moments, but don't go too low, find a good enough 800 dpi sens for you, what feels comfy and just try it, you can be much more precise, your limit is where your hands starts to hurt, if you're a wrist aimer go low enough so it stays wrist, don't use arm to aim, that shit hurts if you're new to it, if you have skill in your wrist, use it
  3. It does look very wide in cod! 110 in apex and 112 in cod is so much different! With this method you told me I have 96 fov in Apex, sens feels okay for now I think but fov is small for me
  4. It's promod, and yes it's definitely fovscale 1.4, fov 80, there are many mods with cod4x 1.8, so what do I do now?
  5. It's fov 80 x 1.4 fovscale that means 112 right?
  6. Cause selecting 4:3 before gave me a higher sensitivity when I used that (still didn't feel good ingame), I read your post again and thank god I did cause now I see that I didn't understand it last time lmao. So I need to use that sens and fovscale? Just to double check, I need to use THIS sens, not the 4:3 sens and this fovscale from this calculation? Thank you!
  7. So is this correct? http://prntscr.com/mt7mel I change the fovscale in profile.cfg and put mouse_sensitivity "3.072158" and mouse_zoomed_sensitivity_scalar_0 "1.000000" in my settings.cfg and that's it? Nothing else to modify? I don't need to do anything else in the calculator?
  8. I saw someone mention we should use 4:3 fov type if we use custom fov in apex, is this true? Now that I see your post I'm very confused. If I'm coming from cod4 16:9 or cs:go 16:9 and 110 fov in apex what do I select?
  9. fov x 1.125, your fov is 90, 80 x 1.125 = 90 so you're all good
  10. In my config it says bDisableMouseAccelaration=false, does this matter or? If they changed it should it automatically be set to "true" or does it just ignore it?
  11. Thank you, just too many people keep saying "turn off mouse accelaration in config" while I know I heard it doesn't use it.
  12. So does Fortnite actually use mouse accelaration in BR or no?
  13. Yes it's 80, I'm careful about that, any game I play I max that fov lol, I can't stand it being so zoomed in knowing I don't see as much as I do if I have fov higher. Thank you, I will try now and let you know if I need more help, but I think I don't, I really appreciate this!
  14. Very valuable info, thank you! But can you clarify for me? That's too much for me to figure out lol I play cod4 with 4:3 1920x1080, 1.4 fov scale, fov 80, but on fortnite my resolution is 1920x1080 16:9, so what should I do in the calculator? I don't want to have 4:3 in Fortnite btw, I want it to stay how it is
  15. Dude you reply super speed, you know what's funny, I was browsing around and thought I should check if you replied, I thought hey who knows maybe he did already, but before that it hit my mind that maybe I should do 80 x fov scale so in this case 80 x 1.4 and just use that as fov and you confirmed it, thank you so much!
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