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  1. I tried to do it by distance with the same distance as bf1 on the 10x you said which is 241.3204 inches to the 6x in bfv which looks like this to give you an idea of what I would of done but I am not 100% if I am correct or not but it looks like you would use these settings, of 0.6 basically GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity6x00 0.600053 on the 6x while having 0.0113 as your sense..but I haven't worked much with this games scope senses and things so like I said I'm not sure but I try to help I used 1080p monitor at 24in 400dpi 16:9 on the monitor I don't know if it matter much or not but there you go so you can see. Battlefield V - 6.00X Zoom Sensitivity Sensitivity 1: GstInput.MouseSensitivity 0.0113 Sensitivity 2: GstInput.UniformSoldierAimingCoefficient 0.000000 Multiplier 1: GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivityAll 1 Multiplier 2: GstInput.SoldierZoomSensitivity6x00 0.600053 360° distance: 241.3206 inches Discrepancy: 0.0001% (0.0002 inches) Config FOV: GstRender.FieldOfViewVertical 55 Actual VFOV: 9.9 degrees Actual HFOV: 17.51 degrees
  2. Hello I was wondering what the values for the scope sensitivity are in insurgency, the default values are as follows. normal sensitivity 6.0, iron sight 1.0, and scoped sensitivity 3.0. So when I goto convert there is only 2 values one for the normal sense and for iron sight. the normal one is the same as csgo (same engine) so in this case I would be using 3.5 so that is also 3.5 but when I plug it in it says for the iron sight 1.058620 when I would expect 1.166666 but I am guessing fov is factored in here etc to come to this value of 1.058620. However the scoped zoom sensitivity is missing, this being the default half I could assume it would be 1.75 in my case to keep things relative but im not factoring in fov etc what happens if I use also 3.5 on this does this make this a 1 to 1? Was hoping someone who knows can help me setting this setting. This is also for the original insurgency not the new one.
  3. Basically there is a value in the PUBG appdata config file called this "(SensitiveName="ScopingMagnified",Sensitivity=50.000000,LastConvertedSensitivity=0.020000)" and when I convert the csgo sense from 3 to pubg ALL there is listing of all the values except this one that I put in this post here. Do you know what I mean or did I miss read your reply?
  4. Let me rephrase what I mean
  5. Title kinda says it all but im wondering what I should be using for the "Scope Magnified" value in the config file, all the values are there for all of the scopes except for scope magnified, im guessing that is when you hold your breathe and im not sure what to use in it? i been using scoped but i have a feeling that that value actually isnt the correct one to be using. thanks for any info.
  6. They recently changed their sensitivity settings in the options menu and wanted to give you a heads up, it feels a lot slower as well, compared to the old one like they maybe cut it in half. Please check into it! Regards.
  7. hmm, not sure exactly what that means but it sounds nice.
  8. ok well what i did was i used something like a 0.039584 coefficient and then made mouse sens 7 and the ads sense 97 which gave me 3.6 on both. the math comes out to within .000009 from hipfire to ads or somethin like that, thats how i did it for now and it works. curious to see what you have on the update.
  9. ah ok gotcha, thanks, so do i have to choose between hipfire and ads if i want the same speed going or what?
  10. i think XFactorAiming is the multiplier for the AimDownSightsMouse value, you seem to not have that linked correctly? lol Also I found out from a post on reddit that Aim Assist in the options under controller option on the last tab somehow effects the input lag on terrorist hunt and i was skeptical at first but when disabled it and moved the mouse in hipfire again the weird mouse smoothing went away somewhat. Very interesting indeed..
  11. is the one for ads XFactorAiming? because there is 2 in the settings.ini and im confused im assuming this xfactoraiming if for the ads?? So is this correct?? Because if i don't change xfactor then its WAY to slow. is this right? InvertAxisY=0 InvertMouseAxisY=0 Rumble=1 AimAssist=1 YawSensitivity=2 PitchSensitivity=1 DeadzoneLeftStick=15 DeadzoneRightStick=15 MouseSensitivity=10 MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit=0.019199 XFactorAiming=0.266643 ToggleAim=1 ToggleLean=1 ToggleSprint=0 ToggleCrouch=1 ToggleProne=1 ToggleWalk=0 AimDownSights=50 AimDownSightsMouse=10 ControlSchemeIndex=0 ControllerInputDevice=0
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